How do we make Templates for our own games?

Do we just make some kind of character “blank”, and go from there?

I got a “thanks for pointing that out; we fixed it!” email, but here I sits, and types; can’t tell any difference.

More or less, it really depends on what exactly you mean.

Game template or character template?

Ultimately the answer is still pretty much yes to both though.

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  1. Thanks for the manual; that was cool of you.
  2. I’m not really getting the relationship between “How?” and “Yes”, but I’m sharp as Cool Whip on a good day, so maybe that’s me. I meant character template; mea culpa.
  3. Thank again, regardless; if there’s a “Team Player” badge/award, you should have one.

I think if I just had a list for all the different codes/markups to make the different actions do different things I could “hit buttons” and sort it out.

This potentially looks like a champ product due to flexibility and automation, but I’m still a noob, trying to see if I can get the lag down to a tolerable level. They’re doing pretty well, even with that, all things considered.

The automation is the thing…

I’m already marked as the “Astral Archmage” (volunteer support basically), I’ve got a few badges in the system too. (They probably should add a badge or something to this forum too.)

The “Yes to both” is “Yes you can make your own character template” and “Yes you can technically make your own ‘game template’” though the latter is a little more difficult in that “Game templates” are basically just “Build your maps and then bring them into a session.”

To build your character template you can actually use the existing demos as a sample (as they have a lot of great examples in their set up). You could utilize this and export one of those characters to your vault, then “play around with it” in your vault, saving a unique name for your system. Later importing that character as a starting character to your game.

Or, you could “start from nothing” (as you suggested). Where you go to your vault (or a game) and create a character and build out from there.

The downside to “Vault Building” is you can’t test your actions. Whereas you can inside of a game session test your actions.

So, to simplify the major options:

From nothing

  1. Vault
  2. Create Character
  3. Build out Character Template

From an existing template

  1. Vault or Demo
  2. Export Template character to your vault
  3. Play around with/build out Character Template

Both (To Test Actions)

  1. Start a new game (I just call mine “Test”)
  2. Import this new exported character template that’s now in your vault to this game
  3. Continue to build out AND test
  4. Don’t forget to select the character you’re testing by clicking the icon to the left of the chat input box.

All of them

Don’t forget to save, be aware that changing tabs away from “action” as your editing it will not save the action (so don’t forget to click save.)

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