How do others use the grid measurement tool?

A Medium size creature is 2 squares by 2 squares. The default grid size is 1 square = 5 feet. It’s not possible to make a square equal 2.5 feet. By these rules then, are Medium size creatures always 10ft x 10ft? Is there something I’m missing, or is this a huge oversight on the design of the grid tool?

I can’t figure out how to make normal size character tokens match up to the grid in any reasonable way.

Sorry if this isn’t the correct category for this post, it seems like there is no “Help”, “Bug Report”, or “General” forum category, and this one seemed the most fitting.

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The “Size” on the character sheet is intended to represent size on the grid, and is not a reference to the character size as defined by a game system. As a result, D’nD or Pathfinder characters, as an example, that are defined as “Medium” in the game system, need to be defined as “Small 1x1” on your character sheet.

Thanks for the clarity. @jakken109 question is one that I’ve only just figured out.

Don’t forget, you can also adjust the size of the grid itself, then have your corresponding token size match with the system you are currently playing if that’s what you’d prefer.

Also, if you see any room for improvement, let us know how we can make this more intuitive!

May I just ask, will we be able to be able to change grid opacity at any point? also this is just me being new, but is there a way to move tokens without snapping to grid?

Just wanted to say: I totally agree that there’s no clear category for questions.

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You can change the grid color to a darker tone, making it less visible on darker maps, or use a lighter tone to make it less visible on brighter maps. You can, of course, just hide the grid if you don’t want to see it. I personally can’t see a reason to change it’s alpha value.