How do I link images in character notes?

I’m attempting to link some character art in the character notes sections of my character sheets. However, I have not been successful. I am following the instructions for markdown exactly: exclamation point, brackets around text [if image fails to load], then parentheses around the image URL itself. No spaces. The image is on my google drive, and I have sharing set to “anyone who has the link” for both the folder and the image itself. The file is a JPG which is a supported file type.

What else could I be missing, here?

Hi @JackOfAllTirades

I just tried with both Google Drive and Mega, but it would seem that the security negotiations break the get. I have tried with imgur and that works correctly, if you use the Direct Link.

For Google drive you have to rearrange the link in a way and grant permission through the link. Basically share the link so anyone on the internet can view (or maybe it’s edit can’t remember) and then rearrange the URL in markdown to look like:


The <File_ID> is taken from the URL of the share link: **<FILE_ID>** /view?usp=sharing



You also have to roll it out once before it works if you are doing it in an action for some reason. Not sure why.

Hi @supermooboo

There seems to be an issue with linking to images on Google Drive. I suspect it is a security negotiation issue. Imgur works fine.