How do I add Spells?

Hi all,

I’m a long time Roll20 user currently trying out Astral and was blown away by the possibilities it offers.

I’m actually thinking about hosting all my future D&D 5e games here, as the interface and options are a lot more engaging, nice to use and inviting than Roll20’s.

One big issue I’m facing though is, that I can’t find a way to add Spells to my character sheets - other than typing/copy-pasting every single spell in by hand.

I stumbled across Astral because I read a comparison where it said that it had a built-in SRD 5e compendium (which would completely suffice for me) - however I’m struggling to find it and can’t find anything related here in the forums or anywhere else online.

How do you other users handle spells in your games?

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I guess I’m not gonna convert to Astral then. The tool is neat but of no use for me if I don’t have an underlying compendium and can’t get any answer whatsoever regarding the issue…

Too bad.

Sorry this took so long Phil.

Astral used to have built in Compendium support, as well as full character sheets, but as of version 2, the system agnostic version, Compendiums are now merely PDF documents and Character Sheets are now based on Templates consisting of Basic Info, Attributes, Actions and Notes.

The system is now a lot more versatile, being able to support just about any game system, but it does require a little more work for setting up characters. No Drag and Drop I’m afraid.

Well, that’s sad to hear. While I get the system agnostic approach to broaden the audience, I have to say that this design choice is wildly unpractical - especially given that the compendium apparently has already been implemented and thus created once.

If I want to DM a round with new players who are already busy and sometimes struggling learning the ropes of the D&D system, I can’t put them through writing scripts for their each and every action in Astral on top of that. If I am to set their characters up that’s at least two days of work for me, copying spells and all - which does not make much sense either.

Given that the system prompts new users with the question which system they want to play and then offers the possibility to create a D&D 5e game I don’t get why you wouldn’t make the already existing 5e compendium available for these games - while leaving it out for all other systems to stay system agnostic.

Unfortunately I’ll have to stay with Roll20 for now until the pretty user interface is (re?)filled with actual user friendly functionality. I was really hoping Astral would be the thing to throw my money at for the next couple of years. :frowning:

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Hi @Phil,

We do offer template characters for D&D 5e, as well as the ability to create your own template character, then copy them for each of your players to make setup quick and easy.

While I understand you are not interested in moving to Astral at this time, if there’s something you need that Astral doesn’t provide, you are more than welcome to drop a feature request in the Feature Wishlist and Ideas section of the forums. We often prioritize work based on what the community suggests, so if you see room for improvement, it’s a good idea to put suggestions there.

Thanks for trying us out, and no matter who you choose as your VTT of choice, happy adventuring!

I am interested in moving to astral, given that I can create characters within less than an hour per character. Where can I find said template characters? Or are you referring to the couple of characters included in the standard D&D game that can be setup and that don’t cover all classes possible.

From your vault, go to My Characters. You’ll see something like this:

Choose your template, and a new character will be created in your vault using that template. From there, you can adjust everything to fit your needs. Granted, we don’t have the SRD classes in the template characters. There have been some great template character submissions located in the Community Content section of the forum, but it doesn’t look like we have specific class templates for D&D 5e yet. I’d put up a request there so that content creators know what is missing and what people are looking for!

In the meantime, check out this FAQ regarding Template Characters and Vault Characters. It goes over a lot of uses for the two. Just remember, after you create a character in the Vault, you can import it as many times as needed into your game. Also, you can save characters from games to your vault to be used later. There’s ~4 well rounded characters in each of the Onboarding Games, but as you said, it doesn’t cover all classes. Please keep in mind that we are not able to provide templates for anything but SRD content, including Community Content created templates.

Hopefully this helps!

I just came across this thread and was wondering if any development has been done to make this process easier. I’m currently considering switching from Astral for Foundry VTT because of the support they have for D&D spells. It’s literally a drag and drop interface to get the character’s spells into their spell book within Foundry.

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Hi @FredLee2 ,

There’s still not a spell drag and drop available (yet). The dev team has been working on that direction though. For NPCs, 5E now has access to drag and drop characters (or Quick Characters) as detailed here:

Spells are still WIP, but there’s already a page with all the spells re-formatted to use Astral’s markdown:

Finally, I should mention that the dev team’s plan is to allow this same feature to be used for other kinds of lists (weapons, perhaps?) and also other systems beside DND 5E. I believe this is the relevant feature request:

I didn’t know about this page at all! Thanks so much for sharing. I also agree that item templates would be very helpful as well. Thanks to the dev team for your work