How Community Templates work (You shall not pass?)

You probably found a Community Character Template for your favorite system, but couldn’t open it when you clicked on the link.


Templates created by users are private by default, even if they share a link.
From here, mods will check them out, test them, and contact the publisher (asking for permission) before including them officially.
Users can still share sheets if they create a game and assign sheets to each other.

So… yes… Templates created by users are private by default. Any other user trying to open the link will get the well-known “You shall not pass!” screen:


But we post sheets to the “Community Content” so that mods know that we have a new sheet.

From here, mods will check them out, test them, and contact the publisher (asking for permission) before including them officially.

How long does that take? Well…

Still want to share your sheet with others?

Users who really want to test the sheets before all of this happens, usually coordinate to create a “dummy” game with the owner of the sheet as a GM. The owner/GM can then include a character and assign it to players so they can in turn export to their vault.

Alternatively, you can invite others to participate as a GM and let them save the sheet to their vault (otherwise you have to wait until they join the game and then assign a character to them).

I thought this post could be pinned to the top of the category. Perhaps users will know how it works before they hit a wall… or at least it would be easier to link to it and offer the users with information on how this works.

Would you agree @SketchParker ?


Love it! Thanks much for this @roflo1

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Couple of further questions on the subject—

  • If I want to submit a candidate for a template, should all the data fields be empty, or should I put example data in there, or what? What about for text fields that are freeform (ie. things that aren’t “Stats” in Astral’s system)?
  • Is there a problem having more than template per system? I haven’t worked on mine for a while, and I believe somebody else has submitted their version for this system (D&D 4e) in that time. I don’t intend to be in competition, but I still think mine could be useful.

I would appreciate any info! :}

Hi @Fox1

Generally we set all user enterable values to 0 or the average for the system (10 for D’nD type systems’ Attributes for example, with skill ranks set to 0)

For Text we suggest just using a place holder, for example if you have a list of items, make the text “Item” for each one, so that the users of the sheet don’t need to create text fields on the sheet and figure out the font size or what font to use to get it to fit on the sheet properly.

As for multiple sheets, if yours is an improvement on somebody else’s sheet, rather submit it as an update. If you feel that your sheet provides something different to the other sheet(s), submit it as an additional sheet. An example of this is the Advanced Pathfinder 1E template, submitted after the standard Pathfinder 1E character sheet. Another example is the multiple different sheets available for D’nD 5E, where each of them provide a vastly different experience from the others.

Excellent, Thank you! I think my sheet will be quite different, so that should work out fine.