Help With Triggers (bug?)

I really like the trigger function, but it doesn’t seem to work for me once I have players in my game. If I am the only player then I can properly set up and activate a trigger no problem. With my other players now in the campaign however, I can set up the trigger but when I click on it does not lead to the activation screen. I have tried changing who can activate it but this did not help (I am the DM). Anyone else encountering this issue?

Hi there @Blu3Kn1ght, welcome to the community!

If you’d like, we can take a look at your game and see what the problem might be. Could you submit a bug report from your portal’s screen?

Additionally, if you receive a little notification in the bottom of your screen that says “Prompting GM to activate trigger”, this is a known but elusive bug. We’re having a hard time tracking that one down, so if it happens to you, let us know so we can investigate!

The current workaround for that bug is to simply refresh the browser. Still, please let us know when it appears, it might help us bury this bug once and for all.

I’ll keep an eye out for that message and submit a bug report if it happens. That might have been what was going on. I tried again today and it seems to be working now. I’m not really sure what changed!

Thank you for getting back to be so soon! I’ll be sure to use the report bug function if anything else comes up.

Hey, no problem, thanks for letting us know about it!

Always feel free to reach out over the Forums or Discord as well. I usually keep an eye out for people sending out an SOS :slight_smile:
Happy adventuring!