Help with action test box outputs

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new on this VTT but I’m loving it so much!

I was wandering if there’s a method to hide/show text part in the chat box output of an action i’ve made.

For example:

I set an action for a spell with the spell description built in it.
I think it could be boring for other players if that description is displayed every time it is used.

There’s a way to create some sort of button (similar to the delayed roll one) that shows or hides a text part, in this specific case the spell description?

I can’t find it.

To avoid the problem at the moment i’ve created two different action for a single spell, one with rolls and one with description.

In alternative it’s possible to launch an action from an other action?

I hope I was clear as i don’t have a very high level english :slight_smile:


Hi @Spank,

This is not yet possible, but you can vote for this request:

What I’ve done, @Spank is to use a link to a website where the player(s) can look up the detailed description.
[Description of link](

This way you only show the rolls and other necessary info and keep all the details out of the chatbox. :grin: