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TL;DR = I have a Stat for an Ability score (from 1 to 100). I have a “Difficulty Modifier” that is a number between 1 and 6, although no upper level; this number is multiplied by 10, then subtracted from the Ability score (e.g., STR 45; Difficulty 1 task gives a check of 35 or lower needed). How to make an Action that takes the base STR, then subtracts the Current Difficulty adjustment, and rolls 1d100 less-than-or-equal-to it for success? For some reason, using…:

!(1d100lte({STR} - ({Cur_Diff} * 10)) does NOT WORK. o_O Why?

I am working on a Star Frontiers game/sheet. Stats and the system is percentage-based (1d100). Roll equal or under a modified Stat/Skill. So to make a simple Strength check I have this…


…as my Roll Action. Click on it, it rolls 1d100, shows "0 if it’s over STR, as a fail. So far so good.

Now, the system also has modifiers which are usually (always, actually) in increments of 5 or 10. So a STR check that is a little bit harder might be -10. A PC with an STR of 45 would then roll 1d100 and need a 35 or less (45, -10 for difficulty). Skills are the same way; you have a base Skill percent, and you then subtract various ‘levels’ of difficulty…which are ALWAYS multiples of 10. Example, making a Computer “Defeat Security” check might have your PC start with his base skill level of 30, plus his Level 1 (giving him +10). For every ‘level’ of the computer program, that’s a -10; so a Level 2 computer would incur a -20…leaving the PC with a 20% chance of success (30 base, +10 for him being Level 1 in it, -20 because it’s a Level 2 program).

For Skill checks I have the following…


…in which I have a Stat for “Skill_A_Level” (or, “B”, “C”, etc for other skills), which is…

(30 + ({PSA_Skill_1} * 10) - ({Cur_Diff} * 10))

…of which PSA_Skill_1 is the PC’s actual Level in the Skill, and the Cur_Diff is another Stat that is a simple number indicating the “difficulty” (1, 2, 5, whatever). The Player simply changes this number to whatever the difficulty is BEFORE clicking on the Skill Roll Action.

Now, the strange thing is…and I can’t figure this out… the Skill Roll ( !(1d100lte{Skill_A_Level}) ) works perfectly fine. If I have a “1” in the Cur_Diff, it gives a -10, if I have a “3” in it, it gives a -30, and that is plugged in to the actual Skill Roll, which all works. As soon as I plug in a Difficulty (“Cur_Diff” number, the base Skill Stat number changes to the now correctly modified number that the PC has to roll equal to or under.

BUT… no matter what I do, I can NOT get the STR stat to do the same, simply replacing the {PSA_Skill_1} * 10) with {STR} (the actual PC’s STR score, no need to multiply by any number because stats can have ‘odd’ numbers, like 47, 31, 86, etc).

Hope I explained this correctly. I basically need a way to simply multiply a number by 10, then subtract that number from a Stat while rolling against it to get equal or lower for success. Should be simple, like the Skill part, no? Is it because with the Skill, the “chance” is figured out FIRST, and THEN the Action just plugs an already finalized number in? It can’t do that as part of the equation?



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!(1d100lte{STR - (Cur_Diff * 10)})

You need to keep the entire calculation inside the { braces } and not separate the result from the Roll Flag with ( parenthesis ).


LOL! Of course it was just a misplaced bracket. Ahhh…now I remember why I never went past a year and a half of C++ in college! :wink:

Thanks! Cleans up my sheet a bit. :slight_smile:


Paul L. Ming