Health Bar Issues (GM Problems)

Not necessarily a bug.

As a GM, I’d like to always be able to see everyone’s heath bar. Currently, I can only see my monster/npc health if I have the “Allow Players to see NPC Health Bars” enabled. I don’t want my players to see, but I need to know if that last 5 damage I entered kill this goblin or not.

The only way to for me to know now is to enter the damage at the top, then open the tokens character sheet, go to the info tab and check their health compared to their max.

Either making all health bars visible to the GM always, or showing the health bar at the top when I open the “Heal/Damage HP” modifier at the top of the screen would make things a lot easier for the GM.

There are plans in progress for new features for HP Bars, including using a mouse-over to display the HP Bar. Please have a look through the Feature Wishlist forum for that thread and add your feedback to that.

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Hi @Mjpindara,

I just stumbled into this request and, if I undertstand correctly, all this has been implemented.

Is there something in this request that you’re still missing?

There is a new request regarding Health Bars that would be easier to implement and a generally better solution to this issue than having HP bars all over the map again.

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