Has anyone ever attempted to create a sheet for Dark Heresy 1e?

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I’m pretty new to Astral even though I joined a little while back. I’ve come back to it to give it a try proper and I’m looking to run a Dark Heresy 1e game for my buddies. Problem is, it doesn’t look like a character sheet has been made for it yet. I, being ambition and/or foolish, have attempted to do so though I’m starting to realize that weapons and armor maybe the biggest challenge (probably missing other challenges but those are the ones that are coming up in my head). Has anyone attempted to make a sheet for 1e? If not? How have they handled weapons and armor in the game (this is kind of specific to player who have played DH 1e though I’m pretty sure this problem could and is similar for most other systems)?

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How do weapons and armor work?

If you contact me on the Discord server, I’d be willing to listen and offer some advice on setting up your sheet for your needs.

Same name as here.

I would be very interested in this sheet - has any progress been made on it? I have not looked into character sheet creation yet.

Same here. I’m interested in running a DHe1 game or even learning 2. If there was already an Astral community sheet available, that would be great!