GURPS Lite Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
GURPS Lite (4e)

Brief summary of your character template:
Will calculate point costs for primary attributes and skills, as well as swing and thrust damage based on ST

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
Seasoned GURPS players may notice a few things missing as they’re beyond the scope of Lite, but I want to see if this gets the stamp of approval from SJGames before expanding it

I seem to be unable to view this template. I would love to see it. I just started working on my own but from the sounds of it, you are farther along than I currently am.

This template is still currently in the Staff Review phase.

Once the staff has confirmed that it doesn’t infringe on copyright they will change the link to a publicly accessible Read Only link for community review.

Really hope this gets confirmed soon! Making sheets is a pain in the ass!

Hey, how you doing man?

I dont know if I’m breaking any rules here, but I’m doing a GURPS character sheet for my game too. But I have nearly zero skills in programming. Can you help me?

I mean, how do you got the code working to check skills? The solution I found was creating one code for each level of skill. i.e. One code for Mental/Average, One code for Mental/Hard and so on.

Another thing I`m having no idea how to do it, is the damage calculation. How do you implemented tables? Did you create one stat for every level of damage?

Thank you!

Those were some of the trickier aspects to code. For skills I have checkboxes to select the difficulty and then an editable stat for which attribute it’s based off, and thrust and swing damage use rather involved ternary calculations with the number of dice and modifier being calculated separately and combined in an action on the sheet

In practice though, we ended up just setting an action to roll 3d6 and referring to our sheets in an external program (Gurps Character Sheet) most of the time

If you’d like, I can invite you to a test game so you can take a peek at the sheets and save a copy to your own vault to play around with

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Count me in for sure.