Grid scale, Tokens and you.. a how to

Not all maps are going to scale correctly. When you load up an existing map, or more likely when you import a graphic for a map, you will need to manipulate the grid scale to match. This is particularly import when using token models. This is how it can be done.

Lets bring in a map and a character Token.

As you can see, the scale of this is all wrong. To change it click on the maps tab and go to edit.

Once you are in the edit screen, you will have to select MORE OPTIONS to open the Grid menu. Click Configure Grid.

You will then see there are multiple options here.

    • Grid Shape: are you using square, pointy hex or flat hex
  • Color: What color the hexes are. Use dark for dark maps and lighter for lighter ones so it doesn’t stand out.
  • Grid Size: How many pixels are in each grid. THIS IS HOW WE CHANGE IT.
  • Unit Size: For measurement purposes only, will not effect the sizing.

For our purpose I changed our Grid size from 70 to 200 then hit update Grid.

Success. Our stock token is the correct size in the room.

There will be times where you are using custom tokens. After your Map is set correctly, you will have to go into the character sheet for that token and hit the Info tab. There is a size box on the bottom. It will default to Small- which is 1x1 block. Some larger beasts my be 2 or 3 blocks wide. You can change this with the drop down box.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on the Astral Discord.


This is sort of helpful.
What does that 200 relate to? Is that the pixel width of my map image? Is that how many units across my map should be? The tool still feels a little less than intuitive for me. Having to bring in a map, know how many pixels across it is (especially if I just grabbed it from google really fast), then figuring out how many units across it should be, then FINALLY dividing the pixel width by the number of grid units seems like too many steps.

An ideal tool would be some way for me to drop a map in, trace the width of a grid unit, and have it update after that. Simple and fast.

Hi @Mjpindara,

The purpose of this tutorial is more of how to adjust your grid size to make tokens the appropriate size if you’ve already set up your map. I think that topic was covered nicely, thanks @Daddy_p1g!

To clarify, the 200 used in this demo is the size of an individual grid space, while the Unit Size is the amount of user-friendly units (in this case, feet) in a square. The user-friendly units are what the measuring tool uses to calculate distance.

If you’d like tutorials about aligning existing grids or areas on a map to Astral’s grid, then this would be the tutorial for you.

Hope this helps!

Is there any way to duplicate tokens without having to make several character sheets? In our Savage Worlds superhero game the players fight villains and several minions on a day to day basis. It is pretty labor-some in making several character sheets for a bunch of nameless minions.

After creating a sheet for a character you can save it to your Vault and then just import multiple copies of that character, giving each copy a new name, or you can select the token character on the map and then use the <ctrl / cmd> - C key combo to copy the character to your clipboard, and then hit <ctrl / cmd> - V multiple times, each time creating a new copy of the character, after which you can rename the extra characters.

It’s also worth noting that if you make a nickname for the mob token you are creating, it will copy that nickname for every mob token created, but increment the GM visible name by 1.

For example, let’s say I’ve got a token named “Mob”. I’ll set the nickname to “Mob”, then copy it 5 times. Each of it’s copies will have a number (Mob 1, Mob 2, etc.) that is only visible to the GM, but players will only see 5 tokens named “Mob”, preserving immersion while keeping GM organization simple.