Grid for Character Sheet

To align stats fields better on the character sheet, especially when the PDF background has a table, for example, I’d love to have a grid with snapping on the character pages.

I would also like this, and/or item alignment tools to at least make sure they all have similar spacing/alignment.

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Agreed, this would be an amazing tool for people to make cleaner character sheets in less time.

This is also something that would greatly improve my experience. Upvoted.

we definitely need a way to align. I am not sure whether a grid makes the most sense. because the uploaded character sheets would also have to be aligned with this grid. So if you align the inventory to the grid, the attributes will no longer fit and so on …

maybe there would be a ruler system better or the possibility to access the coordinates of the “snappoints”.

Hi @MSleipnir

Since the sheet needs to be loaded before any attributes can be added, the idea that the attributes will no longer fit doesn’t make much sense to me.

Any grid, if one is provided, would be visible over the sheet when you start adding your sheet elements, allowing you to line them up from the start of sheet creation or editing.

The problem is based on the original character sheet used. If the character sheet was created on a grid, the grid variant also works perfectly. But if existing sheets are used, you can see shifts. -The attribute fields are just an example.

here’s an example:
I have aligned the grid to the inventory (bottom right) …
by moving individual areas (skills), different font sizes (weapons), and fields of different sizes, so you cannot use a uniform grid for all types of sheets. :sob:

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Thought I’d link to the request concerning the snappoints… it could help get more people involved in this discussion.