Grid Alignment Tutorial - Issue

I’ve just imported my first map and I attempted to follow this guide here;

But I’m falling over at the first instruction as my map editor doesn’t seem to have the “hamburger” icon it is referring to. Looking at the YouTube video covering the same tutorial from September 2020 hasn’t helped either.

Has this been moved or am I missing something?

The issue also exists on the tutorial maps for beginners and advanced.

Hi @RCLightning and welcome to the forums.

Firstly, beyond the welcome, I’d like to encourage you to make use of Astral’s Discord server to get help. Many users are on there constantly and are willing to help, so you’ll likely receive help faster.

Secondly, are you setting up you map in a game, or from the Vault map editor. That will make a vast difference.

Hi @LaMorte - thanks for the welcome and the suggestion, I’ll be sure to head to Discord to take a look!

I’ve tried doing it from in game and trying to do it from the Vault map editor too, but to no avail.

Try this: