Graphical Representation of Stats

Hi I’m looking at porting a blades in the dark / FitD sheet and run into a problem I’ve been unable to figure out how to resolve; i’ve modified custom sheets in roll20 but see no way to do this in your system.

As an example lets take the stress icons on the character sheet

when you click on a stress icon it fills the stress tokens upto that point and sets your stress to a number … So if i click 3 icons along I will have a stress of 3 and 3 stress tokens will be full

This is a simple example but expands into more areas such as clocks; a common aspect of the FitD system that has a graphical clock of N ticks that can be “filled” by clicking on the point of the clock.

I’ve seen “we’ll support blades etal when someone makes it” and happy to at least have a go but will need to have this functionality to graphically represent the sheet in a clean way that looks anything like blades sheets rather than the sheet looking like like a spreadsheet rather than a character sheet.

Am i missing something? Any support welcome

Just to highlight the amount of graphical representation of attributes you will see on a sheet every action is represented as “dots” (similar to vampire / WOD) healing “clocks” are represented by a wheel or “cake” that slowly fills up (represented in roll20 in an image for each stage completed of the clock). The amount of money you have is also represented in a list of checkboxes that behave in a similar way to the stress box.

This seems vital to graphically recreating the visual style of sheets which I appreciate could be used for the blades in the most basic way in this regard with giant numbers all over the page with each stat having a number and removing all the images in a blades sheet but would certainly deminish the heart of the blades sheet and would love to add these “buttons” that impact stats and reflect stats on a character sheet

Sorry for the late reply.

This is not currently possible, at least not exactly as you’re wording/imagining it. What you can do (and what I have done in the past) is to have individual checkboxes and adjust/account for “skipped” ones. For example, a trauma of _X_X would still count as 2 even if they’re not neatly arranged (XX__).

There is one existing request that should cover this; and I happen to have commented something along those lines a few months ago: