GM Guide


This topic is a work-in-progress. As such, you are welcome to comment and vote on updates to the documentation.

As a GM, you are responsible for organizing the game. You have tools that allow you to:

  • Invite players
  • Create NPCs
  • Manage character sheets (PCs and NPCs)
  • Mark map positions
  • Move tokens
  • Edit map layers
  • and much more

The interface should be self-explanatory but we will highlight a few distinct features of Power VTT.

Real-Time Action

All actions you perform are instant. Chat messages, dice rolling, character changes, weather, etc. are all synced across each player connected to the game.


Double-click the map to send a “beacon” to your players. All players will see your beacon in the same color. You can change your beacon color by using the color swatch picker in the upper left toolbar.

Players can also send beacons that will appear to you and other players. Player beacon colors can be changed via the associated Character Sheet.

Manage Characters

To add a PC/NPC to an area, click the “+” button next to the associated area and click on the desired character. You can then place the character wherever you like within the area. If the character belongs to a player, the player will automatically see the change.

To remove a character from an area, click the “+” button next to the associated area where the character is in and simply click the character token to remove.

Character Tools

Click on a character token or an associated player to select the character. Use the buttons on the top toolbar to center on the token or open the character sheet.

Adding a ruler function