Globally change token vision range


Would be great if we can change the global vision range instead of individually for each token, this would increase power in day vs night environments and so on.

My maps are of different sizes and views, and I am customizing the grid size and the pixel size as to match a realistic distance measure, and the grid in a way characters can move in steps of 2 meters for example.

With all this applied, the biggest challenge is to define “How FAR they can see”, as this is right now an implicit formula based on grid size and pixel size, I lose a lot of control for night-day environments, or difficult vision controls!

The way to work around this is to switch each specific’s tokens VIEW radius but that’s honestly a painful control, as I have to change it constantly and it’s completely inconvenient!

Hope this makes sense!

I had a thought (Quick and dirty) of there being another view radius for external view range. Tag the map as either Indoors or Outdoors and Astral could switch between without player (Or DM) intervention.

I’m pretty sure the view settings (Shared View, FoW on/off) are set per map. So if you make an outdoor map, you can preset the FoW you want before you get there.

I ran into an issue similar to yours, once they players entered a cave that had no light, everyone needed to change their settings until someone lit a torch etc…

Even if there was a trigger that could control that, that might be awesome.

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So, they are showing something SIMILAR to what is being asked for here in their twitter update:

but I don’t see a way to accomplish this with the current tools.

Hi @rkitect

What the team are showing there is Transparency through the layer that hides the map from your sight, and allows a sort of Precog Fog of War. You can see the map through the layer, but not any tokens on the map in the revealed area. It has nothing to do with vision, and you can’t change the distance of the viewable area.

It is something that our fearless leader is working on on the way to a true Fog of War.

Ah, I misunderstood the post as it specifically states “set transparency for your dynamic lighting”. I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to set the opacity level for my dynamic lighting layers and trying to figure out how to set transparency for dynamic lighting xD

So what is being shown in that video is not currently a live feature. Is that correct? The effect of that whole room appearing once they step in is fantastic.

But now I feel like I’m missing something in the map tools because here’s another post by Astral showing a transparent fog with the map showing beneath it:

Try it yourself…
… open a map, click on the dynamic lighting menu on the botton, select the fog DL option, and pull the transparency slider to the left.


EDIT: Oh, and enable party vision. Then just select a character to get a preview of what the players would see.

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PRO version only maybe?

Ah, not available through right click! Found it. Thanks!

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Yeah, since I don’t often use right-click menus, I wasn’t aware of this.