Giving away modules

Hello, I created my first module and I see how you can sell them on RPGVault, but can you just give them away without going through DriveThruRPG? I don’t see how to manually add any type of Module ID to my account so don’t see how its mechanically possible.

Hi @heathsmith and welcome to the Forums.

You can add the module to DriveThruRPG and just set the price to $0.00

thanks, was looking for a workaround as my module takes place in Faerun, which can’t be sold through DriveThruRPG (only DMSGuild)…and DMSGuild doesn’t have the Astral feature despite both sites being owned by the same company.

Try contacting the staff at OneBookShelf and asking about it specifically @heathsmith

Unfortunately due to the copyright owned by Wizards, Astral cannot provide you with a means to provide copies.