Gifting Subs from DriveThruRPG

Mostly just a question of how long it takes to get it through. Is it just a ‘when we get to it’ kind of thing? 4-5 business days kind of thing? I bought one for my DM on Friday, but He’s still only gotten the automated support email in response.

If it is 4-5 business days, I need to write a letter of complaint with DriveThruRPG at not specifying that. It’s nerve wracking when you buy something and it doesn’t appear. Especially when you’re getting close to the 100$(CAD) range. (It was 75$).

As always, thanks for any information on the subject, and otherwise, really enjoy the VTT. So much easier to delve into than Roll20.

Hi @RedPenny

Happy to help answer this for you. The DTRPG Purchase option was added specifically to help our overseas customers who couldn’t use their cards for our payment system. We added a PayPal option as a one-time purchase through DTRPG, but it requires manual intervention on our part.

Every workday I go through our subscription requests received from DriveThruRPG and validate the purchase and apply it to those accounts. Sometimes there can be a delay, for example, if you purchase on a Friday after I leave for the weekend and I can’t get to the request until the following Monday.

I’ll be verifying your purchase today, we very much appreciate your support! I’ll be reaching out via the helpdesk when your subscription has been verified and applied. Thanks again, and sorry about the wait.

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