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It’s a fact that Astral sheets, even the templates, takes just too much time to build. Some people are used to it, but to other, this is just exausting.

:grimacing: PROBLEM: Astral is insanely good in everyway but the sheets, but it is so exaustive to build a sheet that people who don’t have time just give up and go back to worst platforms just because those have easier and faster sheet building.

:wink: SUGGESTION: I’m not asking to give up the freedom and system agnosticism that Astral sheets provide, but instead just create some other type of sheet that the user has the option to choose that would be easier and faster to fill/build. (filling blanks is easier than creating something from scratch)

Edit 1:
:eyes: IMPORTANT: examples of sheets that seem easier to build than Astral’s would be the D&D5e Roll20 and Foundry sheets.

Observation: as I mentioned in the replies below, I think Astral’s freedom of build in the sheet kicks other platforms in the ass. But some people just prefer other platforms not for the freedom, but the easiness to build from a template that come with the feature of simply filling some blanks and having already organized spaces some commands just snaps into makes.

I love Astral and am here to give constructive feedback. I would be really glad to help Astral achieve as much people it potential provides, and more. :beers::orange_heart::star_struck:


Hi @MestreTaverneiro,

I agree. Something simpler would be great for a lot of people who want to play their favourite (and currently unsupported) system.

That being said, I’d like to ask if you have something more specific in mind.

For example, there’s this request for a Markdown sheet (ie: no background):



Hello, @roflo1!

I don’t have something reeeeally specific in mind, but I think of a Roll20-like sheet, where things already have a place to just click a “+” and it opens a new template action on a already organized local in the sheet.

As I said some time ago in the Discord Server:
“Thing is that clicking on build character, draging an action to some place, fixing its position, clicking to edit, clicking on other window, sliding to copy, getting to the previous window, pasting it on the action and exiting build charatcter are a whole lot of moves than just clicking somewhere and filling some quick template blanks or even typing a name to just drag/drop some template from a compendium. And doing it for every single item and magic takes just too much time and its quite exausting. (as a gm I just write what I need when I need in the session, so thats no problem for me, but my 5e players are hating and exausted with the switch from roll20 to astral)”

Don’t know if I answered what you wanted, but I think that’s it. :sweat_smile:

Hope I can help! :beers::orange_heart:


I believe I do understand the idea behind your request. I’m just trying to make it specific. The thing about making requests too open-ended is that it’s hard for the devs to figure out what the users really need (and if/when they’ve been fulfilled).

Sorry if I drop one too many links here…

For example, this request would allow for users to just drag an item to their sheet:

There’s a request, (that I can’t find at the moment, but it’s closely related to the previous one) to include the 5E spells and class actions directly to the UI:

Or there’s this request for inventory management:

Gotta go tend to some stuff, but there’s quite a few requests on “making stuff easier”.

I know. I dropped my vote on those. My request is kinda all of these and more in one. :sweat_smile:
But I believe something more aimed into some sort of forms, with blanks to be filled depending on the system or such, could be a good direction. The action drag/drop on Astral is kinda it, but it would be good if it didn’t take too many clicks and typing and such to create a command that is placed somewhere in the sheet.
Imagine the time someone new to the platform would have to spend to create a level 15 mage in D&D5e with a book of more than 30 spells, no couting the abilities and other stuff, and even needing to dig up some way to organize it in the sheet without having to set every single text and stuff to fit a page or something.

Thanks for the time and support leading me to a “more direct” request, @roflo1 ! :beers::orange_heart:

You’re awesome!


É um fato que as fichas do Astral, assim como os modelos, levam muito tempo para se construir. Algumas pessoas estão acostumadas, mas para algumas é simplesmente exaustivo.

:grimacing: PROBLEMA: Astral é insanamente bom de todas maneiras menos nas fichas, é tão exaustivo fazer uma ficha que uma pessoa que não tem tempo apenas desiste e volta para plataformas pioras, apenas porque elas tem uma fácil e rápida construção de fichas.

:wink: SUGESTÃO: Eu não estou pedindo para tirarem a liberdade ou o
agnosticismo do sistema que as fichas do Astral dão, invés disso apenas crie algum outro tipo de ficha que o usuário tenha a opção de escolher que seja mais fácil e rápida de se preencher/fazer. (Preencher padrões é mais fácil que criar algo do zero)


@MestreTaverneiro have you tried creating a character sheet from scratch on Roll 20? Or Foundry?

You honestly need a programming background in web services to create anything that works on Astral’s competition. What is easier than drag and drop?

Someone needs to create the sheets in the first place so your second suggestion does not make too much sense. Any system that already has built sheets does exactly what you are suggesting.

Hi, @LaMorte! :grin:
Honor to have you here. :beers:

About the reply: I’m no programmer or anything. My suggestions here are the type devs described in the Feature and Request post as “I don’t really know how to fix it, but that thing bothers me”. :grimacing:
I know Roll20 sheets from scratch suck as they don’t let us upload an image as a sheet or anything and the Macros are awful. But the thing here isn’t being better or worse than other platforms, but instead better than itself. That’s what I’m here for and I bring feedback from Brazil RPG community to give ideas to the platform on how it can improve itself. :hugs:

The freedom Astral gives permits everyone to build any sheet as they want. Awesome. My point is: is there any way or knowledge or feature or tool to make the sheet building quicker and easier? If there is, I would love it implemented, cause it is a fact that some people hate all the work sheet building on astral gives. :confused:

**** Again. I’m not here to complain about the freedom. I love as a DM. But sometimes freedom means more work, and some people prefer to have less freedom in return for less work. :beers: ****
So I’m back to my suggestion: make some type of sheet as it has in D&D5e Roll20. A sheet that you just need to click a “+” on an already placed location, than just filling blanks already written, in an intuitive way - or a sheet similar to that idea, if there’s a way to do it.

:orange_heart: I love Astral and I want to see it grow as big as it’s potential. That’s why I’m here being the voice of the community and giving constructive feedback. :orange_heart:


Sounds like your looking for a WYSIWYG style creator similar to web page creation. So if I say drop a pdf of a Character sheet into the system. It would auto generate the background code to accomplish most functions. While that would be awesome it would be a massive undertaking for the Devs.

Especially as then you would need to know the system and understand the rules, just from an image.

Yep, no small task.

About the only easy (though still not easy for the Devs) I could think of is if it somehow recognized a form fillable area as a drop in spot. Then they had a menu of say the dice for example. Similar to the in game dice. That you click and drag and drop into that drop spot. A Text field drag and drop icon blah blah blah. Tons of work still for Devs. Someone still has to make that Form Fillable pdf. Lots of Code still required. But it would make it easier for none coders to make a sheet if it did work in that way.

Just use D&D Beyond charsheet and Beyond 20 browser extension to use it with Astral. While Astral charsheet needs a few more options and tweaks, it is perfectly usable with a small learning curve.

Useful if playing D&D not so much if playing the other hundreds of game systems that exist.

I think what could make this request more productive would be to post examples of ways to make sheet building easier for you. If we don’t provide the Devs with ideas that can actually be used then they won’t know what they could do to improve things, which is what Feature Requests are for.

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So here I am… Listing more existing requests that could make sheet building easier.

Using a single tab would indeed reduce the number of clicks needed:

And then…

… ah, yes, there’s a request for that:

There are also three very closely-related alignment requests:

Hi, LaMorte!
About examples of ways to make sheet building easier for me, as you said: I feel I’m just walking in circles. One example I gave is Roll20 D&D sheet. I don’t want no PDF drop crazyness. Roll20 D&D5e sheet let’s you just click a “+” to add something to a category on the sheet and then fill some blanks with intuitive stuff. :sweat_smile:

But I do have other example I found REALLY interesting. Yesterday I saw the organization of a D&D5e Foundry sheet. I don’t know about the dificulty of building a sheet in Foundry, but the organization really got my interest. :eyes:

Give a look on both those sheets. Those are existing examples I can give that I think would make sheet building easier. And forget the PDF idea from the colleague above. Seems crazy hard to do and not that really practical for any side.

Thanks for the attention. :beers:
Hope I can help Astral with my community feedback. :orange_heart:

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You have to pay money for foundry, or at the very least you have to install it or have access to a server. If you have a screenshot of the sheet and want to discuss what you like from it, that would probably help.

The ability to just click a + to add a new thing on the roll20 D&D sheet is really nice. There are feature requests to do things like that in Astral, like, probably among other things, the Item Templates request that roflo linked.

Quite difficult, really. You have to know HTML, Javascript, and other web-related technologies. It takes much more time and work to build a sheet in Roll20 or Foundry than it does in Astral. The end result is sometimes something that’s more powerful in some ways, like the ability to click a + to add a new form-fillable and automatically-calculated attack.

Could anyone post a screenshot of what the “+” in roll20 looks like? Kinda lost here.

They use HTML with an extensible list. You hit + and a whole new section is inserted into the page.

This could be handled by the “Item Package” Feature Request, along with a scrolling div, but not to the same extent as R:sneezing_face:0 as Astral does not support arrays.

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Get to 9:52 or a bit before, on this video: