Get the Sheet Building Faster

Just use D&D Beyond charsheet and Beyond 20 browser extension to use it with Astral. While Astral charsheet needs a few more options and tweaks, it is perfectly usable with a small learning curve.

Useful if playing D&D not so much if playing the other hundreds of game systems that exist.

I think what could make this request more productive would be to post examples of ways to make sheet building easier for you. If we don’t provide the Devs with ideas that can actually be used then they won’t know what they could do to improve things, which is what Feature Requests are for.

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So here I am… Listing more existing requests that could make sheet building easier.

Using a single tab would indeed reduce the number of clicks needed:

And then…

… ah, yes, there’s a request for that:

There are also three very closely-related alignment requests:

Hi, LaMorte!
About examples of ways to make sheet building easier for me, as you said: I feel I’m just walking in circles. One example I gave is Roll20 D&D sheet. I don’t want no PDF drop crazyness. Roll20 D&D5e sheet let’s you just click a “+” to add something to a category on the sheet and then fill some blanks with intuitive stuff. :sweat_smile:

But I do have other example I found REALLY interesting. Yesterday I saw the organization of a D&D5e Foundry sheet. I don’t know about the dificulty of building a sheet in Foundry, but the organization really got my interest. :eyes:

Give a look on both those sheets. Those are existing examples I can give that I think would make sheet building easier. And forget the PDF idea from the colleague above. Seems crazy hard to do and not that really practical for any side.

Thanks for the attention. :beers:
Hope I can help Astral with my community feedback. :orange_heart:

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You have to pay money for foundry, or at the very least you have to install it or have access to a server. If you have a screenshot of the sheet and want to discuss what you like from it, that would probably help.

The ability to just click a + to add a new thing on the roll20 D&D sheet is really nice. There are feature requests to do things like that in Astral, like, probably among other things, the Item Templates request that roflo linked.

Quite difficult, really. You have to know HTML, Javascript, and other web-related technologies. It takes much more time and work to build a sheet in Roll20 or Foundry than it does in Astral. The end result is sometimes something that’s more powerful in some ways, like the ability to click a + to add a new form-fillable and automatically-calculated attack.

Could anyone post a screenshot of what the “+” in roll20 looks like? Kinda lost here.

They use HTML with an extensible list. You hit + and a whole new section is inserted into the page.

This could be handled by the “Item Package” Feature Request, along with a scrolling div, but not to the same extent as R:sneezing_face:0 as Astral does not support arrays.

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Get to 9:52 or a bit before, on this video:

Since this conversation is heading in this direction: Do you guys want the sheet easier to make (build) from scratch or just easier to edit?

Hi all! :wave:

I love the discussion, and we should definitely keep this going, but unfortunately the Archmagi are right on this topic. This is an overarching goal with no clear individual request.

We can’t take feature requests for multiple features or overarching concepts. What we can do is turn this thread into a discussion, where we link to relevant feature requests so that people can vote on the features that will get us to the overarching goal.

I see that people have already started aggregating relevant requests above, so I’ll leave this open for a day before converting into a discussion thread. This doesn’t mean the conversation should end, just the opposite. Let’s consider discussing which valid feature requests get us closer to this goal, and properly present them for everyone to easily digest.

Thanks much! Love the thought and direction this discussion is going.

Okay, this topic is now converted to a discussion, please feel free to add links to existing or newly created feature requests to help make this goal a reality.

Thanks all!


The issue as I see it from a software engineer’s point of view is that we have 3 use cases co-mingled into two views:

  • A basic player seeking to build a character- the goal is almost exclusively to fill in the numbers. No need to set up extra macros or how the rolls work, just filling in boxes. Currently a player sees the whole sheet building view
  • A Player during normal play - the goal is to send the macros to chat and evaluate, but no editing required. This is partially supported with the sheet view mode
  • An advanced player or a template developer wants to do the actual editing of the sheet and what it does - This is your current sheet building mode

So, my suggestion is to split the sheet builder into a sheet designer view, and a character builder view, and allow the sheet designer to specify player-editable fields. This should allow the designers to put together easier-to-use character sheets for players who don’t have the know-how or energy to customize their sheets.


A fourth type of user is your average GM, who’s not necessarily an advanced user or a template builder but produces potentially many NPCs with stat blocks or char sheets. My group just moved to Astral, and they whined a lot about the char sheet. But now they’re mostly done with porting their chars and are enjoying the site, but I’m still stuck with either spending a lot of time building NPC stat blocks from scratch (or slowly and badly built templates of my own) or just not put them into the game.


Hi @bakho

What system are you needing to create NPCs for? Some already have NPC Statblock sheets available.

That’s exactly my point and my suggestion. Don’t know if I did or didn’t made myself clear in the first post.

Thanks for the clarification, @TheAks999! :beers::game_die:

Hope @SketchParker and Astral team find a way to work with that in mind. :pray::star_struck:

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@LaMorte, yup, I’m using the prebuilt ones for DnD 5e and tweaking them to what I need. I also appreciate there being a stat block format for the NPCs so I don’t have to do it from scratch. I get that there’s probably the most support for DnD 5e, but I guess I’m just greedy and asking for more? :slight_smile:

That would be very good, it took me about 4 hours to make my personalized sheet

Hi @Tauruz and welcome to the forums

It took me a full week to create the Infinity RPG character sheet, about 1 hour to create the S.C.R.E.A.M. : The Horror character sheet, and about 3 months to create the Advanced Pathfinder character sheet.

It was still less time than it would have taken me to create a sheet for R :sneezing_face: 0.

Hi @LaMorte. :grin:

Certainly creating a sheet from the scratch is insanely easier in Astral than Roll20. But that’s not what we’re discussing here. :sweat_smile:

Filling already existing template sheets with small changes such as new equipment, loot and spells is what I aimed to talk about. And filling the already existing template of a d&d5e sheet with those stuff is faster to do in Roll20, regardless of the compendium or item templates.

I feel I’m not being able to present my ideas correcty in english.
Sorry for any misinterpretation, guys. :orange_heart:

See ya. :beers: