Function to call for specific rolls

I’ve been actively using Astral to DM my D&D games and it’s been (mostly) a blast! I’ve found it takes my players some times to roll for the checks/saves when I call for them, so with that in mind I have a suggestion.

A system to ask for a specific check, e.g. I call for an Athletics check which would issue a check/save in the chat where with a click (a “roll” button for example) the requested check will be rolled automatically from them using the stats from their character sheets.
This can be added for example as a new (toggle) bar to the chat screen with option to customize and add new “call for rolls” from the GM.

Furthermore we can have spells that call for a check to be made automatically as well by adding a function to spell similar to the method above, just by being part of a spell that will provide a “roll” button with the required modifiers.

You can add the Action for each save / spell to the Action Bar, and then you can use keys 1 to 0 or (with a Pro Account) Shift-1 to Shift-0 to launch those actions.

I know, but given the amount of checks/saves that can be called, this (at least to my group) has not proven a reliable solution (still handy thou).

Something else you can have your players do is pop out their character sheets, so they can Alt-Tab between the game and their sheets, saving time on opening / rolling save / closing their sheets.

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