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I might have missed this but there is no clearly (at least for an old guy like me) labeled Forum search. I realize your development team is working hard to create a great product but I am hesitant to post any requests, problems, questions or other discussions without checking to see if the item has already been addressed (and answered). Browsing post, I already see some duplicates which I would have thought avoidable and thus reducing work on your community team. Please point me in the correct direction to the Search button or see if you can squeeze that into your timeline for upgrades. Thanks.

Is this a bbpress forum? It has that feel.

It’s hard to see, but it’s here; there’s a Magnifying class icon right next to your user icon

Perhaps just brightening these icons up a little would help some.

Well holy priest dung … boy did I miss that one … /sigh

I completely failed that Perception roll … my -10 for age sucks. Thanks, FlyingMongoose … much appreciated on the assistance.

No problem, hope you enjoy astral.

And honestly, I have a nice 144Hz monitor with G-Sync and it’s plenty bright, with my glasses I have better than 20/20 vision, I’m 32 myself, but honestly, it’s a little hard to see. I like the theme, but those buttons could definitely brightened up a little bit.

I agree … I’m a dark theme lover but the buttons probably could use some “neonization” for those of us pushing 50 :smiley: Heck, I’m sitting 18 inches away from a 34" UltraWide … you’d think I could see that. Of course, I could have missed in having to pan my head left and right.

Coming from Roll20 which I always enjoyed but still find it a struggle to build things as a GM sometimes. Prep can take nearly the same amount of time (sometimes more) than if I had just done it old school out in the garage on the pool table with paper and pen. My game buddies and I do a lot of front end coding, so we tend to have a deep appreciation for well thought out web tools. Just started messing with Astral tonight but it has that good feel so far. I can tell its still in its infancy but its potential has me excited … and I might be an old geek but I love new stuff :smiley: I love to see things like this take off.

As quite a Geek myself (I started fiddling with Computers when I was 8), and as a developer myself, I am in the same boat, love seeing stuff like this take off.

This is also why I wrote up the player documentation I did in Tutorials. (Good documentation can help drive adoption.)

Anyway, enjoy and enjoy your campaign! Hopefully Astral is the right tool for you! (Or will be soon.)

Was unaware of the search icon next to the user icon. I spent several minutes scrolling through the 1,000+ before giving up and only finding this post as it recommended it when I typed in the name of a new post.

On my particular screen the icons are invisible unless you look at it at the right angle and any little bit of light that hits my screen also washes it out.

Two Request:

  1. Change the icon color to something with solid contrast, white is usually good. I generally think icons greyed out or meant to be hidden/unseen unless you know about it and as a new person to this platform that would not have been me.
  2. Add a search feature in the ribbon, perhaps next to the create New Topic button. I think most people would expect it to be there.
  3. Maybe at the very least add the information FlyingMongoose provided in your “Please search the form in case there is already a topic on it” section of your form rules.

Thank you.

If you edit your forum settings and choose the Light theme, you can see the magnifying glass fairly easily.