Folder option for grouping map assets

Something I would love to see as a feature eventually is a folder or grouping option for tile assets for maps. It would be easier to assign a group of assets as linked together, that way if you have to move them up or down or want to remove them all as a unit you could grab the folder and raise or lower it (like layer folders in photoshop).

I would also love to be able to save said folders as asset clusters to pull up in the future. While I could link them all and save them as a new unique art asset, having the ability to pull up a cluster of tiled assets that could still be interacted with individually would be much more useful.


Hi @Tyler_Nerden, welcome to Astral Club! The first rule of Astral Club is we don’t talk about… wait, no… Always talk about Astral Club!

This sounds like a feature request! We havea feature board located here that the community uses to suggest new features or improvements and upvote things they want to see. We use this board to prioritize new tasks, so anything you put there will be seriously considered.

So, we actually do have asset folders for uploaded assets, but not for Marketplace assets. If you upload your own assets, you can make new folders, sort assets between folders, and assign custom tags to your assets for use in the In-Game Asset Searchbar. You can manage asset folders from your Vault. An easy way to visit your vault is just to navigate to or end your session using the “Stop” button on the bottom of your left handed GM sidebar.

I hope this helps, but if this doesn’t fully suit your needs, please drop us a feature request and we’ll do our best to prioritize it!

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Thanks for the feedback and the redirect. I’ll put the followup in the feature board so that my comment might actually be useful. :wink:

What I was looking for was a way to group assets that have been added to a map in clusters not for long term storage, but instead organization on the mapping screen itself.

I’ll post it with more thought out details and screen caps later.


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