Fog of War

I would like a way to have explored areas show up as foggy/shaded even after the area isn’t directly in visible range anymore. Similar to how many RTS games handle map exploration with fog of war. I want my players to be able to view map areas they have already been in, but not see if any new creatures have shown up there.

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Character limits are limiting…

I think it’s a major functionality of a tool like this in rpg.

I’m actually bummed that I spend so much time setting up my campaign in Astral without investigating whether or not this was already possible. I think I’ll need to hold off on Astral until this very basic feature is possible.



Does Roll 20 support Fog of War as a basic feature? I seem to recall that you have to do it manually, which is not so basic.

You can do the same in Astral by overlaying black layers over unseen areas then hiding them using a simple Trigger once the area is meant to be visible to your players.

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My only experience with Roll20 is as a player. My GM certainly has room blacked out and then reveals them when appropriate. I don’t know how it was done in the background.

I think the layers suggestion will work for what I need it to do! As I understand layers, I’ll need to import an image (like a black square), then stretch it over the map as a new layer in the shape of the room I want to hide, right? So it won’t really work well for odd shaped rooms, like in a cave. But should look nice for square rooms in a house.

I think that’s also how it looks in Roll20 (at least in my GM’s game), so maybe those features are comparable. I wasn’t aware this was possible when I made my comment above. Still, I do hope there can be a more elegant solution implemented in the future :slight_smile:

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Hi @BioticHamster!

Currently this is an easy representation of how I handle Fog of War personally on Astral.

Granted, this isn’t an ideal solution, and this feature request has been in the front of our minds. We can’t promise timelines, but it’s definitely on our radar.

Hope this helps!


Yeah, this is great. Definitely good enough for now!

Fog of War is definitely a necessity. IT could be done fairly easily by doing a second layer of the default fog of war, that once revealed, stays revealed. Then the advanced light that is black and moves with the tokens can be a translucent layer, or one that can even be adjusted manually/tiled with images uploaded like smoke, fire, etc.


@SketchParker this is clever.

My solution was to just add a ‘character’ whose image is a rock, and has a similar visual range as the players and leave it behind them as they go. It can be done on the fly and doesn’t require triggers.

This was something I did in roll 20 when relying on dynamic lighting instead of the hide / reveal function where you draw a box to reveal stuff.

I wonder if you might be able to drop a light source bread trail every so often through scripting similar to my example above of dropping a lit rock. I have no idea how scripting works tho. Just a thought :slight_smile:



Astral does not support scripting at all. Well, not currently. Possible Feature Request?

Sorry,@LaMorte, I meant just a thought for the dev team. I assume they’re be looking at this.

Hi @Garrickenright

No apologies needed, it’s just that if you offer Feature ideas inside another Feature Request it becomes impossible for the devs to see what the community are actually interested in.

Creating a new Feature Request for your ideas if you don’t see one for that idea already will help to bring it to the team’s attention.

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All ideas are welcome, but if any new feature requests do come from discussion, we do ask that you make a new request for them so we can keep track of everything.

That being said, don’t hesitate to keep discussing implementation, we’re all ears :slight_smile:

Edit: Besides, discussion brings this topic back to the top of Feature Requests, increasing visibility

@Garrickenright this is working well for me, thanks! The only downside is having a large amount of “rock” characters in the party now lol. I nice alternative would be a checkbox in the properties of a map asset to “emit light” that works with dynamic lighting.

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Proper lighting effects are on the development chart for a future release.

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If I’m understand the “rock” idea correctly then that’s not at all what I want. I’m sure it works for some, so that’s cool. But I want areas of a large dungeon to be revealed to players once they enter and for those areas to stay revealed as they move out and continue to explore other areas.

I used the black boxes with triggers as suggested above and it works, but it’s not ideal. The problem is that with so many triggers its hard to tell which is which. So I ended up stretching the trigger to cover the same real estate as the black boxes, but then the triggers stayed there and I wasn’t able to interact with the enemies in the map. So as I activated each trigger I also had to go in to edit mode to delete the triggers.

It worked, technically. But it was finicky and a pain in the butt. I just image that a digital solution should make this stuff super easy, but as it is now, it’s an aspect of the game that makes me wish I was just back to sitting around an IRL table instead of doing it online.

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You can set the triggers to hide themselves at the same time as they hide the black layer.

I’ll have to try that next time, thanks!

yeah not having the fog of war is what limits me from moving to Astral from the other major online platform.