Fog of War feature like in Roll20?

Hi All,
I am new to Astral and am coming from Roll20. I don’t use dynamic lighting and just use a simple fog of war feature in Roll20. I have been doing some reading and note this feature is not available in Astral. My question is, when do we expect to have this feature?

I absolutely love Astral’s combat features and they are a breeze, kodos! And I want to change, I just need a proper fog of war feature.

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Hi @lelton,

You can help bring that feature to life by voting on it here: Fog of War

We don’t have a prediction on when we can get to it, but we have other options available to you as well. Our Dynamic Lighting is more than just walls. It can be used to hide things on a map, even if you only use it for vision radius. Transparency gives a “Fog of War” esque feel as well, though it doesn’t leave discovered areas revealed.

Hope this helps! Glad to have you with us.

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