Fixing the Pathfinder Second Edition Template Bug

Good news to all!

We’ve resolved an issue with Pathfinder Second Edition Template Characters, where all skills were referencing stats using improper capitalization. This causes the roll to be calculated without the appropriate modifiers.

All skills had references to Stats that looked like this.

The problem is, when searching Stats for AcroMod, it doesn’t exist. acroMod does, but since all Stats are case sensitive, this is causing an error.

We’ve resolved this issue with the Template Character, but this won’t fix existing characters created before the fix.

To fix this issue in existing Pathfinder Second Edition characters, simply run through your Skill Actions and edit ThisCase to be thisCase everywhere where Stats aren’t referenced properly.

Thanks for all your bug reports that helped us track down this issue! As always, any time you see issues across the site, mash that Bug Report button!