Fire Emblem Character Template

This is a slightly modified character template for Fire Emblem. I used the Blazing Sword stats and design, but there is an option for characters with both physical and magical capabilities.

The stats can be divided into Numerical Stats, Growths, and Weapon Ranks.

Note that this current template uses Hector’s stats, growths, and weapon ranks.

Any weapons that are equipped will need to be modified from the eight base weapons provided under the “Attacking” Section. Status staves have a more complicated formula that has not been added in yet. Because there is currently no way to pull a target’s attributes or have class-linked attributes, you might need to manually calculate Hit, Damage, and Crit. Finally, the DM has to be responsible for checking movement ranges. Vision is not needed, except when playing fog of war.

Hi @Tekkraft , thanks much for this Template Submission!

You got this up before I had a chance to throw up the guidelines in the forums. Could you take a moment and review this forum post? We’d like to see a token for the character, it’ll look nicer in the vault. If none fits the system, just use a placeholder token such as the investigator.

I’m approving this submission for Community Review. Here’s a public link that can be used to view this template:, feel free to recommend change.

Thanks again for this submission!

@Tekkraft I’ve updated your submission with a public viewable link, the previous link I provided wasn’t working. Should be all set now!

One addition, we have to use a token that’s available to all members, including free members.

When you have the time, please use a token from the Token Essentials pack.

This is open for review, feel free to recommend change!