February News: Progress Update


Exciting things are already here, with even more to come! We kicked off the new year in overdrive here at Astral, and it’s starting to show! The team has been working round the clock to bring you even more tools to make the story you weave for your players an incredible experience. You may have noticed some significant changes to the site, more are soon to follow!

Cue Daft Punk “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!”
Astral’s performance received a boost recently. We’ve been working on some performance enhancements to make the platform run smoothly for all users, including only rendering assets currently in a player’s screen. This is the first of many performance enhancements to come, so go ahead and build that gigantic mega-dungeon!

“It’s dark. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.”
Dynamic lighting received some work recently to reflect vision ranges. Now you can make those dark, suspenseful encounters using Dynamic Lighting, limited Vision settings and “Emits Light” functions!

We’ve been teasing some sneak peeks into the future. You’ve probably already come into contact with one of our more exciting initiatives already: Multi-display and multi-device support!

As a GM, have you wished for the ability to keep your map on your main screen, maybe have the combat tracker on your phone? As a player, wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to have your character sheet on your tablet so you could focus on the experience in front of you without obstruction? We are building just that.

The first step to this glorious future has already happened! Games now pop out into new windows. Expect to see more of this in the future!

Come, look at my fine wares!
We’re proud to announce that we’re onboarding even more talented Artists for our Marketplace!
Mythic Portal has added even more assets to the Pro Subscription, and we’re in the process of approving even more asset packs to be available in the Marketplace. Keep an eye out for new content!

Fixed issues:
-Resolved a bug that prevented certain users from logging into Forums
-Resolved a bug where users couldn’t collapse the Vault Search sidebar
-Resolved “Location False” issue
-Refined Vault Asset searching to improve fidelity
-Resolved bug where users could lose their username after editing their profile, resulting in other complications including Status Code 500 on vault.
-Resolved a bug where "Emits Light" tokens blocked selection of other nearby tokens.
-Resolved a bug where Tokens could not be resized.
-Resolved "Invisible Token" issues
-Resolved a bug where creating new characters causes error code 500

Happy adventuring! :crossed_swords:

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