February 2020 Announcement

Hello Astralnauts!

Some exciting updates for you here. The past two weeks have been focused on Quality of Life and stability, and we’ve really put the pedal to the metal on getting improvements out to you all. Most importantly, we’ve released the new User Interface, featuring collapsible sidebars to maximize your game space as a GM. We’ve got a lot of great (and highly requested) features out to you as well.

Let’s look at some of the changes:
What’s been released:

  • New Onboarding Launch :tada:
  • New UI Launch :tada:
  • Actions and Stats can now be privately sent to GM or tested (Only visible to owner)
  • Triggers can now target groups
  • Added contextual cursor icons
  • Multiple enhancements to Initiative Tracker (Replacing Combat Manager) including a Round Tracker
  • Provided more viewspace for Vault Character Sheets
  • Several Quality of Life fixes and UI Improvements


  • Fixed an issue where Chat could occasionally be visible twice with new UI
  • Fixed an issue with animated maps not rendering on first load
  • The action bar now updates properly when action attributes are changed
  • Fixed an issue where hotkeys intermittently failed
  • Fixed an issue where right-click context menus would occasionally fail to open on new maps
  • Fixed an issue with Text layers not showing the right font, and added new fonts
  • Fixed an issue where font properties couldn’t be altered after a single change to text location on the map
  • Fixed an issue where rotation handles didn’t scale with changes to Token Size
  • Fixed an issue where GM notes could be visible when Character Sheets were exported to the vault.
  • Fixed Right-click canvas point offset (due to canvas shrinking 42px)
  • Fixed Scheduler issues
  • Fixed Health bars toggle/untoggle not functioning properly
  • Made the Delete Account error more noticeable
  • Fixed an issue with deleting accounts/changing emails not working properly until a logout/login
  • Fixed some texture load issues
  • Enhancement: Text added for “webm is preferred” when uploading
  • Fix: Properly render multiple attributes in character sheet text

We’ve been hard at work here, but we encourage you all to continue leaving us feedback and feature requests. Let us know how we can improve your Astral Experience on the forums here: https://support.astraltabletop.com/c/feedback

Happy Adventuring, enjoy! :crossed_swords:

The Astral Team

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