Favorite Systems list can be better organized, I think

The current dropdown menu is a hodgepodge of systems and games, and I really think it could be better organized, easier to scroll through, and easier to submit new games to(with approval by someone whom I assume is curating the list, of course).

What prompted me to suggest this is that I noticed Powered by the Apocalypse(the system) got its own listing, but then both editions of Urban Shadows got their own listing, yet neither edition of Apocalypse World itself is listed.

My suggestion would be to switch to a nested list, where individual games fall under the system that they belong to. In the above example, Powered by the Apocalypse would be on the main drop-down list - the system list - and when you hover over it it’d open up a submenu to the side listing Apocalypse World 1e, Apocalypse World 2e, Spirit of 77, Urban Shadows 1e, etc. you get the point.

In the case that enough games share a system to warrant it getting its own spot on the system list, but the system does not have its own name, I’d likely name the system after the first game released with it. In the case that a game has its own system that isn’t shared with anything else, I’d have an Other Games category for those(even if the system has been given a name, like Random Anime’s “Freestyle System” that was never used for anything else).

I’d also have a somewhat easy to use(I’ll explain soon) button/link saying something like “submit a new game” or “my game isn’t listed here,” and they could send a request to the list curator. When I say somewhat easy to use, I mean that when they click on it, they’ll be asked to give the full name of the game, whether or not it shares its system with another game, and if so what the system is called. All 3 would be required fields. I assume, given some of the more obscure games listed, that whoever is in charge of that knows where to look for that kind of information, but this should help keep their workload in keeping up with the overall list to a minimum.

Also an easy way to report typos and odd formatting would be nice. “World’s in Peril” shouldn’t have an apostrophe, for example. A couple simple changes and the whole thing should be a lot more easily navigable. I think figuring out which games go under which system would be the most time-consuming part up front, but once that intitial sorting is done it should be really easy to keep up with going forward.

(Heck, I’d be willing to go through the list and do the initial sorting myself, complete with some game suggestions - like the aforementioned Apocalypse World games - where I see any big omissions. I’m pretty much nothing but time at the moment and would totally do it for free just for funsies. If you guys would like, of course - I’m not gonna go through all that if your’e not interested/willing to use it, y’know.)

TL;DR - with a few tweaks, I think the Favorite Systems lists can be easier to navigate and able to handle a much larger selection of games without becoming unwieldy. Details in the possibly overly verbose paragraphs above. And if you’re willing/interested I’m even willing to do a bit of the more annoying up-front organizational stuff myself. My goal is to make it better for everyone(including the curator), not dump a bunch of busywork on them.