Fate Accelerate Character Template

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Fate Accelerated

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First template

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Hi @zachhall, thanks for this submission!

I’m ready to approve this for review, but we need one small change first. Can you choose an asset from Astral Essentials Token Pack? We need a non-licensed image to be the placeholder image for templates.

After that, I’ll open this up for review!

I’m having trouble finding the Essentials Token Pack in the Character Sheet creator and in the Marketplace. Can you point me in the right direction?

Sure thing!

Clicking on the image placeholder area will pull up all available asset folders. Click on the Token Essentials pack, and you’ll have many to choose from, as seen here:

Reach out with any questions, I’m here to help!

Updated! Should be good to go.

Approved! I’m opening this submission up for Community Review, feel free to recommend improvements! Don’t forget to vote if you want to see this template go live: https://app.astraltabletop.com/character/v2/-Lp-X3of-NjKEcPOI9gt

Hi @zachhall, I’m happy to say that I’m approving these Templates to go live!