Fantasy AGE Character Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
Fantasy AGE

Brief summary of your character template:
Includes all base stats, all focus stats, all attacks of all weapon types, and all spells for the Fantasy AGE basic rulebook.

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
There may be some “wonkiness” in the way some dice roll syntax was written, but this is due to the limitations of evaluating certain items when in an action.

Hi @FlyingMongoose! I’m diggin it, one request. Can we throw one of the free tokens from Astral Token Essentials pack as a placeholder token image?

I’m opening this up for review, here’s a link anyone can use to review it:

I already know a flaw that needs fixed.

The opposed tests need to be changed to a better format instead of using dice rolls.

All fixed, added the rogue icon to it.

That link @SketchParker isn’t allowing my wife to view the Template right now.

Yup, we’re having some issues with permissions errors. We’re trying to get it worked out, but not sure if we’ll have it sorted out by this weekend.

I’ve fixed the link, and updated your original link to reflect. Thanks for your patience!

Since I initially posted this there were updates by the way.

Hi @FlyingMongoose, we’re still awaiting permission from Fantasy Age publishers, we’ve reached out and are still awaiting a response. As soon as we get permission, I’ll make this live :+1:

The publishers really requiring permissions before you can support a system?

They just want to make sure all the ducks in a row, don’t want publishers to get mad, though I would think Green Ronin would be supportive.

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Not requiring, but we still are reaching out regardless. There’s a bit more than supporting a system involved with distributing content with a system’s name and info/rules. Some publishers want certain things done to that content before it’s distributed, so we check with each to see what their preferences/requirements are.

We’re all members of the wider gaming community, so we try to keep everyone comfortable. Also it’s a great way to stay in shape.

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I’m glad to say that we’re releasing the Fantasy AGE character template today! Thanks much @FlyingMongoose for this content

I’ve updated the initiative roll to include a lower case i for the combat tracker auto-thingy

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