Exporting Custom Template

I have spent some time creating a custom template character from scratch within a game I created. I am looking for the option to export it to the vault but cant see any. I can see the button that states “Save to Vault” under manage characters and that does save the character. However when I look in the vault all I can see is the maps I uploaded and the music file I uploaded but I cannot see any character template?

I realise that I can copy the character sheet within game multiple times and assign them to players but my concern is that if I delete that campaign the sheet will go with it.

Hi @Renegade

You need to look in the Characters section of your Vault.

The Vault is divided into 4 sections, Maps, Assets, Characters and Compendiums.

Ah I have finally found it, now I have another issue. There are a lot of copies of the same character sheet in there, does it make a new copy with each save?


That way you can keep older copies to jump back to if you need a lower level character that you previously saved, or if you made a mess so that you can revert to a previous version.

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