Export folder?


Maybe I’m just missing it entirely, but when you export a map, what folder does it export to?


I’d like to bump this up because i too can’t find where the map is being exported. I’m a free user at the moment. The software looks promising, albeit in a very early stage. But i particularly like the map creation engine. Would love to be able to export.

Thank you


Your exported maps get handled by your browser. They should be heading to wherever your default download folder is.


That’s what i thought. But when i hit “export” nothing happens. I checked my download folder and download history and it was never downloaded. Been trying to export for a few days now. Using chrome. Could it be something to do with browser settings?

[EDIT] Tried on MS Edge, didnt export either.


Have you reported the bug with the in-game tool? That’ll give us a reference to your game and anonymous statistics like your browser and operating system so that we can debug. When I export chrome notifies me that I have a downloaded file – it might be that the download isn’t initializing for some reason.


I have not! I will report it right away. Thank you


I was able to export the map with a $10 subscription, so i guess it does not work for free users at the moment

[EDIT] Also, the map does not export in JPEG or if you leave watermark enabled

[EDIT TO THE EDIT] sometimes it does export JPEG if i click on another tab in the browser and then come back to the tab with map editor open. Sounds like a headscratcher now that i read this outloud


That does sound very odd indeed! Thanks for all the extra info. That will help us troubleshoot the problem.

Map exporting is not a paid feature (Although removing the watermark requires you to be on a paid plan, Standard or Pro), so that shouldn’t be the problem, though if it’s behaving that way for you it’s likely something may have gone wrong with regards to that.


Hello there,

I’m having the exact same issue; was there ever a concrete fix found for this one?

Thanks in advance,



Hi there! I apologize for the delay in our response.
Currently exporting is an issue, we are working to resolve it. I will be sure to update everyone when we have the issue resolved.

In the meantime if you find any more issues on the site, please reach out to us! You can also use the bug reporting button on the bottom of your screen on the site, I usually respond to people the same day. Regardless, I’m going to be checking the forums to make sure messages like yours don’t go unnoticed.


Do they always get exported as jpeg? I think png would be a better format unless jpeg is what is used in the backend.


I think there should be an option to export as png as well. There’s a ‘type’ dropdown menu that allows you to choose the filetype.


AH! There is! Thank you.

Still trying to figure out all the little quirks.