Expanse RPG Character Sheet

What is the game system your template is for?:
The Expanse RPG system by Green Ronin

Brief summary of your character template:
This template adds a template for the Expanse (none exist) and does things like calculate armor, toughness, move speed, adds actions for focus rolls, and does combat rolls (hit and damage).

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
Stay ubiquitous, mendacious, polyglottal, and if all else fails…donkey balls!

I like. Looking forward to seeing this.

Thanks! I’m still learning how things work but I’ve made enough progress to share. If anyone knows how to show roll breakdowns without requiring a mouseover please let me know! It would be really cool to be able to highlight doubles or at least the stunt dice.

Currently there is no such support, however there is a feature request which covers some of these points and may be expanded upon for other die roll based requests.

Please read it over, vote and leave your comments on the request.

I’m glad to say we’ve made this template live! Thanks @Tendertauntaun for this template.