Elemental Character and NPC Sheet Template

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This is the first character and NPC template for Elemental. The background uses the default example character sheet out of the game’s PDF.

When building your character, you’d go into Build Character mode on the sheet. Then you would follow the character construction rules from the Elemental PDF game guide and from your Game Master (GM), adjusting anything in red as needed. Click on the red 0’s, the red - marks, the red Weapon/Equip w/an Action statements, etc. In the Value section that pops up, change it to what’s needed: Numeric for the 0’s to represent the number of Experience Points you are spending or the Units of something or Alphanumeric for the - marks which represent the names of skills you’d like on your sheet. For Lbs, make sure you only edit the 0 in the Value sections (don’t delete the other syntax that will auto calculate the rest of the line items weight, as it will multiply the weight times the units.

There’s no need to edit the black 0’s as they are calculated from what is input into the red.

Once filled out, you can click the checkbox next to the attribute you’d like to use/being called for by your GM and then click the Gray Roll button next to it. This will roll the basic attribute.

If you have a specific skill you’ve filled into the red - marks below any of the attributes of the sheet and you’d like to roll for that skill, select the checkbox next to the attribute you are going to use with the said skill. In certain situations, you can use different stats along with a skill in question so this modularity was attempted to be built in :slight_smile: . Once the attribute checkbox is selected, click the Roll button next to the appropriate skill and it will roll the skill in question.

There is a Misc Mod that is provided to allow players to go into Build Character mode and temporarily put in the total mods figured up by your GM. The Misc Mod is taken into account for any Attribute or Skill roll and so should be figured up into your click-button rolls from the buttons on the sheet.

In case the GM calls for a Move, Health, Spirit, or Luck check, those buttons on the sheet are also included. They are also provided as some default actions in the hotbar.

Other hotbar actions would have to be coded up by the players at this time (I didn’t see a way to quickly make them).

Link to character template v1:

Link to character template v2:

Link to character template v3:

Link to character template v4:

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Elemental uses mostly 1, 2, and rarely 3d6 to play. I’m not sure Astral has a good category set up for this game system or if that matters to play/find games. I set my Fantasy meets SciFi meets Space Opera sort of game to 1D6 Space in the genres.

Hi there! Elemental publisher here (and new member).
Maybe a question for the mods, but is there anything I can do to get paladiusdarkhelm’s sheet officialized? Right now I can’t even seem to access it.

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It can only be accessed by the staff currently. You can help speed things along by contacting the staff by e-mail at support@astraltabletop.com and kick off the conversation to approve the sheet.

Hi @paladiusdarkhelm,

Thanks much for this submission! It’s currently in review. I hope you don’t mind, but I copy/pasted your summary with instructions into the character notes section of the character to provide new community members (or members new to using this system on Astral) some context into setting up the sheet.

Thanks much, hoping to get this approved Very Soon™

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I believe @Gildor_Games approved the official Astral Elemental character and NPC sheet template. Is there a way to get confirmation that the versions in post 1 are available to others?


Hi @paladiusdarkhelm

Once the sheet has passed through reviews and the team have received an official approval, the easiest way to find the template is to go to the Characters section of your Vault and click the Browse character templates button located at the top of the page:

You should be able to find all currently available character sheet templates on Astral there.

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Thanks, LaMorte! I guess that means the 1st version of the sheet did not complete all the reviews after I demoed it. V2 is available now in the original link above - I’d recommend that be the one now reviewed and approved based on previous feedback from @Gildor_Games. Is there a way to get a status update on where it is in the process or if any extra info is needed from me to assist?

Hi LaMorte, I don’t see @paladiusdarkhelm 's ELEMENTAL sheet in the list anymore. I could have sworn it was there a few weeks ago after we approved it.

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Hi @Gildor_Games

You can reach out to James using the e-mail address support@astraltabletop.com for a follow up on this.

Unfortunately my insight is as limited as yours as I am only a volunteer.

Will do, thanks LaMorte

I contacted James and the sheet is back up.
You might just want to make sure it’s the latest version.

It looks like it is the previous one (v1). The new one, v2 is a better integrated sheet. How do we go about getting that new one (included in the first link at the top of the post as well) to be the one available?

Please send an email to James at support@astraltabletop.com with the right link.

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OK, I sent an email.

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Hi all! :wave:

Okay, I’ve got the sheet updated with V2. Thanks much for bringing this to my attention.

Feel free to give me a shout if you have any further updates, and thanks for providing continuing support for your submission with new features as they come out! :rocket:

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Thank you.
In the earlier sheet I liked how you included the form instructions in the Character Notes (I think it was just the text from the top of this thread). These instructions are helpful for new users. I suggest you include them again in this version.

@paladiusdarkhelm, maybe you can double check that the above instructions are up to date with the current sheet.


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Hi @Gildor_Games and @SketchParker. I’ve updated the verbiage in the instructions a bit to be more clear and to mention some of the newest adds to the sheet. I’ve also fixed some code making attributes ref misc att mod like the skills, so they too can take advantage of that sheet functionality if used/desired.

Here is the link to the newest minor update for these that should be updated to the main Astral Elemental sheet template: https://app.astraltabletop.com/character/v2/1000136439/-MKB_DUKiKgqekNuWbJA

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Hi @paladiusdarkhelm

Thanks for the update and continued maintenance!

@Gildor_Games reached out and gave me a copy of the update, which I’ve added to the template. Please let me know if you have any further updates, and thanks for the changelog in notes <3

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Hi Sketch,
@paladiusdarkhelm’s updates should supercede mine so please use the version and verbiage in his last message. Elemental aims to be very user-friendly, so I too appreciate the refinements. Thank you!

Okay, adding this now. Thanks for the clarification!