Editing Current Templates

Is there a way to edit a currently available template. For example, Vampire the Masquerade has a template. I would like to create one for Werewolf the Apocalypse. Since it is the same system, can I edit the Vampire one, instead of starting from scratch?

First off, I’d advise you to check out this thread (and perhaps PM @LaMorte to see if you can avoid some work):

Now, if you’re still doing this all by yourself, here’s roughly what you’d have to do:

  1. Create a V:TM character and change the system to W:TA (from the Build Character, there’s a dropdown at the top, just below the character name & healthbar).
  2. Go to “Pages”, hover on the first page and select “Replace”; this will prompt for a PDF upload. Note that the background will be replaced, but all the stats will be held in place (if the new PDF has more pages, they will be appended).
  3. Painstakingly move all dots (stats) and text labels.
  4. Remove unneeded stuff (blood pool?) and add missing stuff (rage?).
  5. Finishing touches & save to your vault.

Now, while the result is not quite a “template” but a “character”, you can still import it multiple times into a game as if it were a proper template.

Hope this helps.

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Also remember that the Vampire sheet uses the V5 rules.