Easily Locatable/Accessible Documentation Link?

Not finding it, if it exists; like a user manual; videos aren’t really cutting it for me.

I wrote this in depth player’s guide which can be useful to a GM as well

Then there’s this link:

Be aware though that some information may not be immediately up to date, and try to ignore the V1 stuff (it’s basically not accessible anymore anyway.)

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Also, there’s a discord link at the bottom of this page, I’m active there, and there may be more people who will readily respond:

Be aware the Astral development staff is an extremely small team and they may not always be able to respond quickly. But there are community members (like me!) who are willing to help out.

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Thanks, yet again; I’m ctrl effing and link clicking all over the place, in addition to site: searches.

There are many references to said Discord group, but I’ve yet to find any links to it.

Nav and org, always a chore.

Very bottom of the main https://astraltabletop.com page

But here’s the link it points to:

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Icon… yep; Cool Whip.