Dynamically Scaling Sheets

A feature that I think is sorely lacking with Astral is the inability to dynamically add additional fields onto a sheet template as they are needed. Currently, while you can add new powers and attributes, they aren’t enumerated on the sheet itself and while you can drag a given field out, it’s dragged out without context, and cannot add new fields to display it nicely. This ability to scale sheets is especially important if you’re playing a complex character or system with a lot of moving parts (Eg. Pathfinder) as you can simply run out of room on your sheet, requiring you to navigate through the restrictive stat/power UI instead.

Hi @Reshy, and welcome to the forums.

I got a bit lost trying to understand what you want to do. Care explaining it in more generic terms?
I.e.: I don’t know what you mean by “powers and attributes”, I assume it’s something specific to your system? Maybe what we call stats are attributes and what we call actions are powers?

As for your last sentence… I think I kind of understand the issue. And while not a solution, most of us just add a second page (or third, or more) to our sheets. Could be useful in the meantime.

Basically, sheets will have a section for special abilities that need to be rolled or displayed distinctly from everything else. Let’s say a dragon’s fire breath ability. However, sheets are of a fixed size and cannot really be scaled beyond their initial parameters. So if you have more than a certain amount of abilities in a given category (too many spells, too many feats, etc.) you can’t cleanly add more space for them.

Ah, I see.

So you’re proposing a type of sheet (without background, I guess; otherwise the image would be distorted) that automatically grows as you add text, right?


You might also be interested in voting for this request as well:

You can also add more pages to the sheet - as a work around at least for now.