Dynamic Reveal Map Pen

I would like an option to reveal parts of a map with a penlike tool to open up areas the players can see. For example: I pick 4 points on the map and what is between those points is revealed to the player. The rest of the map stays hidden/black.

I know there is the dynamic lighting pen and fog of war feature but those require a lot more of testing and setting up which I cant always do and players sometimes accidently move somewhere (when they have control) where they are not supposed to and that easily uncovers something they shouldnt see yet because I made a small mistake with the dynamic lighting pen. If there would be a pen that I could use to uncover a map it would require a lot less setup and it is easier to use for new users of the Astra.

Hi @Another

This is a duplicate request of Reveal/Hide Map Areas - Feature Wishlist And Ideas! - Astral Support Forums (astraltabletop.com)

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