Dynamic Lighting


Any chance to get a short and long settings?
Bright and Dim? I know you said there might be some legal but that seems like a rather odd one to get hung on. Just curious for news on that.


@Felix Yup! I’m working on that for next release, I wrote a bit about it in the latest weekly update Weekly Update 8: Dynamic Lighting Available Now, Plus Roadmap

There’s a bit more I want to fix with tokens as well and so the next release should address those problems.


I see that you’re working on the lighting for next release, which is great, since it’s the main reason my group uses Roll20.

My 2 cents would be on top of what you’re already doing:

Separate the concept into Vision and Light Source. So a token can have one vision configuration plus multiple light sources: A dwarf with dark-vision can be carrying a torch

In the vision configuration would be possible to setup Dim/Bright radii as well as configure modifiers, like in the dark the token only see in Black/White

Have a light multiplier: The character doesn’t see in the dark, but lights look brighter from their point of view. With a 2x multiplier a Dim light (0.5 intensity) would become Bright (1 intensity)

Apart from Dim/Bright light you’d have “Custom” where you could set the light intensity (let’s say Bright is 1 and Dim is 0.5).

Have a party view. As my group play in person using Roll20, we have an account that control all the character tokens, and Roll20 rightfully combines all token vision, but sometimes would be nice to be able to discern what a particular character can see. Maybe with a menu toggle or keyboard shortcut

Love the work so far!


These are great suggestions.

Have you seen the latest gifs? Many of the black/white and separating concerns of vision/light I think should be integrated in the new Advanced Dynamic Lighting that should be coming out in a few weeks.

Multipliers are something I definitely don’t have now but can consider heavily.

Thank you for this suggestion! This sincerely helps make the platform a better experience for everyone.