Dynamic Lighting - Windows, One way view and movement obstruction

It’s obvious that missing some option around the “door” concept : windows (view OK but not pass through for token until it’s open), secret doors, player or GM only doors (not global parameters) …
But he windows should be really useful !

Any word from the devs regarding this? This feature would be REALLY useful.

The staff let us know what they are working on in the (usually) weekly announcements on Whats New.

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I can imagine a one-way view could also be used for an elevated view simulation. For instance, if a character A is on top of a cliff, he could see all around himself while another one (B) who’s standing at the bottom can only see what’s at the bottom.
In other words, A could see B at the bottom while B cannot see A at the top, even though they might be at a very small distance from each other.

That is almost exactly what the first post in this thread says. :grin:

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Okay; so the simplest UI implementation I can think of for applying “Windows” and “one-way” DL is use a similar concept to the door mechanic. In fact, it explicitly uses it.

While in edit mode, place your door, clicking on the door while in edit mode will then change the state from a door to a window (can be seen through but not passed through in both direction).

Then the next piece I’d likely do is the next series of clicks provides an arrow indicator for one-way visual passage (“up”, “down”, “left”, “right” (relation to the way the door is placed).

This method would also at some point in the future could make this feature usable on touch screen interfaces.


Alright, so I figured out a way to “kind of” do this without a functionality implementation.

Utilize a “Pure Black” image above the Canvas layer.
Any “Emit Light” underneath this or the canvas layer must be Pure White Full Bright (255,255,255) colored otherwise it will show a glow through the black.

The following is using this method for a “single cliff face” (multiple cliff faces kind of don’t work here as you move past each layer the other one shows up again.)

However you could use this method and throw roofs on top of the black layer of a building so your layers would look like this

Black Layer
Dynamic Lighting
Lighting Objects
Map Objects

You can make this work by leaving gaps or placing doors on sections of buildings this way people can see “in” but not “out”

You can also hide/show layers if you decide to “cut out” holes in reverse of what I said covering individual buildings, so you can make it so you can see out but not in (good for daylight vs. night time).

This is a tedious and not ideal solution, but it is a solution to be used in the meantime.

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Would be exactly what I need for my invisible maze idea.

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Yes please, this would be excellent!

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