Dynamic Lighting - Windows, One way view and movement obstruction

Wall sections that can be seen through but not passed through.

As an addition to this, one way windows, where Dynamic Lighting walls can only be seen through from one side would allow for the representation on elevation, where a character could see down “over” the wall but other characters could not see up to the higher elevation.

This would also be beneficial for items that provide partial cover like rocks, logs and furniture!


BIG YES. Made a slight work around with small triangles and such stop players from accidentally walking through bars but it’s not as clean as a simple toggle would be.

This seems like it would be a very easy modification to the existing door toggle (which is a great feature!). I would love to see this happen!


I also would like to be able to specify movement barriers separately from dynamic lighting.

but more to the point.

I don’t want character to be floating off into space, but if I have walls that are not rectangular, tracing the wall, point for point, will result in extreme performance problems.

In this case, if I could set movement barriers that trace the walls, but have straight-line dyn-light points in the black space between walls, that would let me have my perf, and also design the map that I want.

Unless you are using a gridless system, following a wall point to point would be, well, pointless.

Character tokens cannot move into partially obscured grid segments, so that really reduces the need for an exact contour of the wall.

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Regardless, the main issue for me is that the performance of the dynamic lighting system is beyond horrible. The more dynamic lighting points there are on the map, the worse the performance gets.

That’s what originally motivated me to post about the topic.

That being said, there’s no reason why movement obstacles should inherently block vision. They are two different concepts, and should be represented as different layers in the map, or different point sequences, or whatever method is used.

One could also argue the benefit of having different movement systems for different characters. Ghost characters would be able to go through most walls, but not “special” walls. Or a map might be created that has magic circles to block the movement of demons.

While we’re at it, there’s also justification for having distinct vision blocking layers for different types of characters. E.g. a super hero game where a character might have xray vision that can be toggled on and off.

There’s lots of ways the lighting and movement restriction systems can be made substantially more flexible for map creators without requiring a lot of extra work. Even if the extra layers I talk about here get added, the default could always remain as “block all light, and all movement”, with the more nuanced types being added to a map only when selected by the GM.


I was just about to ask how to do this, so I guess instead I’ll say +1.
This will be very useful in maps that are rife with differing elevations to help limit what characters see on higher elevations logically.
I don’t know if this would also cover how vision would work when approaching say, a ravine. If there was some way (maybe needing a new layer?) to “paint” differing elevations, would there then be a way the app might recognize that the closer you get to the the edge of a cliff, the more you can see further from that edge first before coming to that point?
Then again that may be way more complexity than necessary and just revealing an area once the character has reached the lip is good enough. Either way, more dynamic lighting functionality sounds great!

Was going to suggest the one-way vision thing, specifically for elevations as Shinji said. Players choosing to climb up to a cliff ledge could be rewarded with vision of the mountain pass beneath them while the ledge remains unseen to those below.


I also saw on another system (Foundary VTT) a kind of cool take on windows being used in cool ways.
So in it you draw windows with a seperate dynamic lighting tool (they have three; Doors, Walls, Windows).

Windows let you see both ways, but if you draw a box it blocks LOS when your vision passes through one wall and hits another.

So in this you’d outline a piece of ground debris with a simple box - from either side you’d see the terrain but not beyond it.

If your window tool ends up working like that I think it would certainly go a long way to having multiple functionality from the window dynamic lighting (Boxes for climbing elevation = can’t see, straight lines for descending).

I’d ask for an addendum; LOS barriers which block sight but can be passed through


Maybe some extra tools that function like the door tool. One to toggle sight blocking on a wall (“Window tool”) and one to toggle movement blocking on a wall (not sure what to name that one)

Curtain perhaps? I personally don’t see a use case for something like this though.

Curtain is a good name.

IIRC, DND 2E’s Undermountain had its fair share of magical curtains - blocking vision, but they could be crossed normally - and they made for some interesting puzzles… do you just walk without a care in the world? Do you probe with your 11 ft. pole? Do you throw a rock to see (hear?) what happens?


Maybe I’m overthinking it with the vision blocking non-barrier… thinggie. But a barrier that allows vision would be very useful IMO. Windows, balconies, cliffs, chasms. A puzzle, such as a maze with a raised section. A player stands there and guides the rest of the party through, avoiding dead ends or enemies?

On an isometric map, (I know Astral doesn’t have them… yet) they would allow walls to be seen but keep the players firmly on the ground. That would even work with the current grids and an iso map.


That’s a great idea. I’m new to the system and have been toying with maps a little but the 2 things that I missed almost immediately in the map creation were lack of windows and the invisible boundaries (i.e I’ve placed a river on the map and wanted to prevent players walking into it). Both technically are the same thing.

The addition of elevation difference could be really nice thing as well and it could be implemented as a wall that allows dynamic light one-way only. Depending on which side the character token is, the light/vision would pass through or not.

More realism is always good.

Adding my +1 to this.

Adding my +1 to this. Having the characters be able to visually see things they can’t physically get to is really useful, especially when dealing with changes in elevation.


several 5e campaigns i’ve played or DMd have had curtains and/or windows, so both of these would be great