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Is there anything that can be done so exposed portions of the map do not black out if light is not on them? Set them to black and white if light is no longer there. I’ve used Roll20 in the past and in maps with a number of “walls” it can get problematic if a character moves to a point where different walls block sight, and the character states they want to move back around to another point on the map, but nobody can see it. I don’t feel there’s any reason to not have the “fog of war” dispelled, and still have light show other tokens only when exposed. Or if the group is looking to backtrack, it saves time not having to expose the map by placing light sources that don’t exist, or having to waste time trying to explain to a party member who has to draw a map, simply because lighting doesn’t work that way. On Roll 20 we wound up not using dynamic lighting because it simply wasted time if anyone wanted to review places they’d been.

Hey @pjrichert

Thank you for the feedback! I would personally love to integrate a smarter dynamic lighting system where it ties into a “fog of war”. In fact, our plan is to build a fog of war that behaved similar to the original Age of Empires.

We’re currently working on improving our map tools and online experience but this feedback has definitely been noted and we’ll keep it mind for future updates :slight_smile:

We’re always here if you have addition suggestions or questions. Happy gaming! :crossed_swords:


I’m not sure which VTT out there has it, I know that syncrpg did, but they discontinued service. With their dynamic lighting, the light would eliminate the FOW, and leave the map layer visible, but visible in the way that your outer ring, or dim light does. Tokens and map features (creatures, furniture, etc) would only be visible when the light ‘collided’ with the tokens. This was nice because it would leave the map visible for players to be able to tell what they’d already seen, but any detail features (including enemy reinforcements :wink: ) would be hidden. It’s led to some great moments. “Hey, wait, wasn’t that thing back the way we came?” player points to map already exposed “Yeah, back this way, but I’m not sure which room.” In turn this lead to the party investigating a few rooms, since they didn’t get the exact one on the first guess. They also ran into, and were surprised by some kobolds that had circled around them.

Given that some trips through maps take only a few hours in game time, and perhaps 4 game sessions, which could mean a month of real time, remembering a map in “meat space” can be difficult, and in “imagine space” there should be no reason that some of them should remember where they’d been only an hour ago.

Building off of what has been said previously, I have some more dynamic lighting suggestions:

  1. Just saw the breaking dynamic lighting thread in the forums. That’s actually one of the first things that annoyed me when I started to use it. I like the default of just removing the DL point, but maybe a shift delete or something would delete that DL point and break up the section into two different ones

  2. Even when snap to grid is off, it would be nice if the pen tool snapped onto DL points already present to make it easier to close polygons cleanly. ie without the tiny gaps that can sometimes happen when they’re not perfectly on top of one another

  3. Being able to pick up the entire DL segment (or multiple segments) and move them somewhere else on the map without having to delete all of the points and replace them elsewhere. The DL segment basically acting as it’s own asset. Maybe this could be a shift click

  4. The ability to add additional points into a DL segment w/o deleting half of it to get to the part you wanted to change

  5. Be able to copy a full segment (or multiple) and paste onto a different map, or the same one. eg. I make a rectangle with a window and a door for a house, but my map has 5 houses with the same layout. I could copy paste instead of recreating the same geometry 5 times

  6. On top of the previous suggestion, being able to rotate a full DL segment. Maybe the houses are set up in a circle around a central quad. I copy paste and then rotate them to match the direction of the house

  7. Doors that are linked together. When one opens/closes, both open/close. The party walks into a room with an open door on the other side, but, before they get there both doors suddenly close trapping them inside. It breaks the immersion a bit if the GM has to close each individually with a delay in between.

I might have more ideas later.

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Absolutely into a fog of war style feature that keeps visited portions of terrain visible. I know the VTT Mote has an implementation of this.

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