Dynamic lighting question

So the way dynamic lighting seems to work is that it represents something beyond which the players cannot see. But the way it seems to be implemented, the dynamic lighting also obscures the thing itself.

What i mean is… if there is for example a crate that blocks vision to things on either side of it…you add the dynamic lighting and the result is you can’t really tell it’s a crate anymore. It’s a black area with black line of sight lines that extend off to the ‘ceiling’ of the area. That’s sort of a problem for example, if you have a car. You can see into the car. You can tell it’s a car. But you can’t see someone squatted down on the other side of the car. But if I put in dynamic lighting you can’t really tell the car or anything else is there based on the angle of the player token to the line of lighting.

Like this is what the map looks like from the GM’s perspective. You can see the car between the two tokens.

But if I outline the car with dynamic lighting, neither of the player’s tokens can’t tell the other is there which is cool. But they also can’t tell the car is there or the building behind the car.

I suppose I could just make a line through the car rather than outlining it. Which gives me this

But even that makes the building behind the car invisible even though Agent Price would obviously be able to see the building.

Is there a way to deal with things that only partially block site like a car or a low wall would? or that block movement but not sight such as windows or should windows just be doors that are open?

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Hi @Eiredrake. This is one of the difficulties with DL (and with players who will meta-game, quite frankly). At this time, there isn’t an easy way around this using dynamic lighting. There are tricks, like drawing a line through the car, and things like placing a roof on the building that you can turn off when characters enter the building (either with a trigger or with in-game map editing), but the DL issues will still remain. This request:

would allow for more options, including having “one-way windows” wrapping around the car pointing inward, thus you’d see the car from all directions, but nothing past the car.

Hope this helps.


I would recommend just putting a cross through it, like so:


Then, from the side, it looks like this:


And from the lower left it looks like this:


You can of course adjust the cross to get more of a look that you’re going for. If you make the lines a bit shorter (90% of the width instead of 100%) it’ll hide even less of the object itself while still obscuring things behind it.


Ok. I’ll watch and just deal with it in the mean time. Thanks for the input

Also @Eiredrake, if you don’t mind the players knowing the full map beforehand, you can use Dynamic Lighting and set the transparency down. You should accomplish something like the following:


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Lots of good ideas for beginners in dynamic lighting like me.

One thing I’d add is that only the middle section of the car is tall enough to obscure an area, so on your example I’d run a single line through the roof of the middle section only.

In the end it seems dynamic lighting is frequently about what you show just as much as what you can hide.

yeah I like that…I basically just want to hide threats. I’ll take a look at that. Thank you

was just playing around with the transparency and that’ll work pretty well. Thank you for the advice.

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