Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition Template errors (character sheet for dnd 3.5e game preset)

There are errors in the character sheet. Health is calculated incorrectly. Id expect it to take char lvl into consideration, as well as con mod and whatever you input as what you rolled for hp. Current HP is calculated automatically, references “hp rolled”, theres nowhere to add that value and it adds nonlethal dmg to it. Nonlethal and lethat dmg shouldnt stack. When i type in “7” for hit points total field for lvl 1 character, its not taken into consideration. Total hp IS current hp, unless im mistaking variant rules. Either way, its that hit points total is manual and you write down dmg taken as wounds and subtract them on your own to see how much hp left youve got, or its redundant, since you can track it with the health bar on the token, or that hp total has no bearing on “current hp” formula, or that nonlethal dmg influences current hp.

Ather problem is xp. Its not calculated with a formula based on your lvl - its defined thresholds displayed based on your current xp. And it wouldnt be too bad, if the thresholds had correct values. But they dont. At 0xp, being at lvl 1, it should display 1000xp to lvl 2, but instead it displays 2000. If you were to gain and note down 2000xp, the displayed threshold will have changed to 5000, which is also incorrect. Lvl 2 requires 1000xp total, lvl 3 - 3000xp total - 2000 more from reaching lvl 2 and 4 - 6000 - 3000 more from reaching the 3rd. No matter how you slice it, the values are wrong.

Last thing is units. Speed can be written down as anything, grid measurements can be scaled in map settings, but weight of your items, or rather your encumbrance limits are hard-coded in pounds. Again, its not a formula - its values displayed based on Str value calculated for pounds. And it doesnt take the character size into consideration, which it should.

So what i wanna see fixed is proper hp calculation, or at least explanation, proper xp values and a way to recalculate mass into units other than pounds, in addition to size modifier for encumbrance.

Just finished correcting the XP chart.

I don’t see myself building in a feature to recalculate weight for anything other than pounds, as that is what was provided in the PHB, and calculating for any other measurement could take months of work.

Looking over the HP situation next and then will come back to encumbrance based on size, although my memories of this are that encumbrance is based solely on strength.

Edit: Added HP_Rolled Stat to the character sheet, and changed the Max_HP Stat to automatically add rolled HP to Con Mod * Level

Edit: Added size modifiers for encumbrance.

Will push out this updated character sheet for @SketchParker to make available.


As i understand, what would need to be done for the units is ud have to address every stat using “lbs” and essentially do a checkbox where u leave a blank for the players to put in a value to multiply the pounds by to get the desired unit. So thats only encumbrance, inventory and strength. U know roll20 does that, right?
No - encumbrance is actually based on size AND whether u r a Quadruped. If my party wants a character sheet for a dog, horse, donkey, or a centaur, i want it to be done right as well. And my party already had a riding dog to work with; roll20 provided them with appropriate options.
The changes arent live yet, r they? I went to create a new character with the template and checked the XP brackets right away - those were still incorrect.

I’ll check in with @SketchParker about getting this update live as soon as he can.

its gonna go live with the already made changes, or with the improvements i just added?

You will have to post your sheet for review @God_of_Darkness

i mean the comment i added. I didnt add a character sheet


Same problem with Grapple.
" Maximum Dex Bonus

This number is the maximum Dexterity bonus to AC that this type of armor allows. Heavier armors limit mobility, reducing the wearer’s ability to dodge blows. This restriction doesn’t affect any other Dexterity-related abilities."

Dex skills are bad done.
The main culprits are Max Dex Bonus in Equipped_Dex_Mod, Equipped_Str_Mod in CMB_Total, and Equipped_Dex_Mod in Ref_Save.

Please remember that the people who put up sheets are volunteers from the community. Requests for change shouldn’t look like demands. It’s a community driven initiative.

Grapple bonuses based on size r wrong. Im writing up a dire rat, its small, its size option is -1 on the sheet, it grants +1 to grapple, but size mod to that is -4 for small, -8 for tiny and so on, while its +4 for big, +8 for huge and so on.
Also, its small, so it gets size attack mod of +1. Its not calculated in

Open Lock sum is whack - it adds charisma mod, not dex mod

Theres no button on the character sheet for saving throws. We can roll raw attributes, initiative, skills, but not fort, dex and will. Action burried down in build character isnt enough

Dude. I don’t know if English is a second language for you or if you’re just not attempting to be polite. There are ways to ask for what you’re asking for and this isn’t it. For example:

Look at what I’ve done - I haven’t said they were wrong, even if I think they are. I have admitted that I might be the one in the wrong, even if I think I’m not. I have acknowledged what is working correctly. Finally, I said thanks. Because that’s the polite thing to do. Because this is something provided to me for free.

You’ve been aggressive and mean throughout this entire thread, and I think you were similarly aggressive on discord before making this post (though that might’ve been someone else).

You’ve been right about some things and wrong about others, but frankly it doesn’t matter that you’ve been right about the things you’ve been right about. This isn’t something that anyone owes you. Astral has a completely free service. It also has a paid service. This is not part of the paid service. It’s community content that is provided to you for free. If I made a picture of a cow and put it up on the marketplace for other people to use, you would have absolutely no right to tell me how to change my picture of a cow.

No one is “supposed” to be working on this. Someone has chosen to work on this for free because 1, they’re nice, and 2, they enjoy doing it. That’s it. That’s all this is.

But even if you did pay for this, you could still treat people like they’re people.

This topic was made to point out errors in dnd3,5 character sheet template. Not for u to cry some1 wasnt nice enough to u. This is a bug report, not kindergarten.
Getting things right and by the rules on the sheet is the only thing that matters. Id rather know what was i wrong about than have u complaining about being offended for some1 else. So show me the rule i understood incorrectly. Otherwise its better to assume im right about these.
Astral is, in fact, a paid service - it has 2 tiers of subscription. R u saying subscribers get access to a different character sheet than free users? A template without mistakes? And free users r not owed anything? Cuz if they get the same sheet, your point is wrong AND moot.
They r supposed to be working on it… if they care to do it right, when they r doing sth. And if they care about the value of the service they provide.
Quality Assurance is a job. U didnt pay me to do any of this. U r not owed me telling u all the errors so u can improve. I can delete the whole thread and next time, when some1 wanna use this sheet tell them they r not owed any of it to be fixed. Theyll just have to rediscover all the issues again. And also revert the sheet to the state from before i pointed out the 1st few issues - we wouldnt want any of that pesky improvement here, no would we?

God of Darkness has been suspended due to constant hostility on our forums, in addition to using abusive language with Staff through DMs.

While we appreciate everyone who reports problems with community content submissions, I will once again remind everyone to Remember the Human. Someone has taken a lot of time out of their lives to make these automated sheets for everyone, without receiving any sort of compensation. Hostility isn’t welcome.

In addition, remember that our volunteers are just that. Volunteers. They are taking the time out of their days to help improve the community and Astral as a whole. They deserve thanks.

I’m sure that the errors will be resolved in this sheet in due time when someone is able to submit an improved version. In the meantime, please keep this forum category civil and appropriate. Thanks for reading folks.

For anyone interested in updates to this sheet, I have had multiple computers fail on me recently and am in the process of recovering from the issues. I will get back to making updates to this sheet as soon as I have caught up with work that I have missed out on due to this problem.