Dungeons and Dragons B/X


I’m looking for the Char Sheet template for D&D B/X (Basic / Expert) .

The reason why I need it:
We started a new session today with some frinds and tried “Roll20”. But we were not that happy because of some connection issues. So we want to try Astral for the next evening.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me. Thank you.

Hi, and welcome to the forums!

There is an existing character template for Old School Essentials, which is simply B/X with some very minor changes (most notably Ascending AC). Perhaps you could use that as a starting point?


thank you. Sounds good. I will try it.

Unfortunately it is too far away from the ones that we already used for our chars. But I realized how to create my own char sheet. It’s not finished yet but I will add it here once it is finished.


Me and my group are also interested in BECMI import fromRoll20. Is there any help we can give you?