Dungeons and Dragons 4e Character Sheet

Just wondering if there was any thought into creation of the D&D 4e chracter sheet templates?

Thanks all for the great work.

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Hello again @fes2313

Why don’t you give it a try?

If you need help, the Knowledge Base has a great starter, the Player’s Guide in the forums (Tutorials) has in depth information, and the Discord Server is almost always busy with people willing to help.

I’m in the process of building one out for my own campaign. I’d be glad to share when it’s finished.

Do it!

It’s probably about ready for general consumption. Is there a way for me to share it with the community from my vault?


You can create a “game” specifically for sharing the sheet, and just assign copies to people that request it, so that they can help testing or expanding the sheet, but there is no way to give other users direct access to the contents of your Vault.

The best way to get your sheet out there to other users is to submit it to Community Content for approval and incorporation into Astral.

I did use the PDF for the 4e sheet distributed by WotC in the original PHB as the character sheet. Is that going to present any copyright concerns?

Yes. There is no agreement between WotC and Astral. It is the reason that none of the other D’nD versions’ sheets are official.

I can look into creating my own version of it, similar to how the others look to have been done. There are a few things I’d like to change about it anyway.

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Along these lines, I do have a template for creating creatures that is of my own design, if anyone would find it useful.

I have both an NPC/Creature template and a Player Character template (both of my own design and unencumbered by copyright issues) that I’d like to be able to submit for use by players playing D&D 4e. What’s the process for submitting this to Community Content?

Hi @Steve,

TL;DR: You should create a post with a link to your character sheet in the Community Content category.

If you need more information, this post contains the process and rules (plus a few tidbits on what we expect from posts in the category itself):

Also, there’s this post explaining what interested parties should expect:

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Thank you for the pointers. I’ve created a new topic in the Community Content category.

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