Dungeondraft Import

Dungeondraft is a rather fantastic map-making program. Maps can be exported as a png, or in a special VTT-export format, which is a JSON file that includes the base64 encoded map image as well as data about walls and doors. Being able to import this into Astral and have the walls and doors I create in Dungeondraft be automatically converted to Dynamic Lighting walls and doors would save a MASSIVE amount of prep time on my end

That is a really cool idea. I haven’t used walls in Dungeondraft, but the dev did a tutorial video for it and the walls feature looks pretty swank.

Plus, if Astral supports something like this, that opens the doors for maps from other systems, if there are any.

I think Dungeondraft is gaining a lot of traction. It’s my sole mapping software now. Roll20 only supports the Dungeondraft dd2vtt export through a very hacky script method. Native support for dd2vtt format would be a boon for Astral!

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I just bought Dungeondraft, and it looks like it’s going to be a great tool. The interface is seeming a bit clunky, but, I believe, technically it’s still in beta, so hopefully this will get better.

I would love to be able to do direct imports that would automatically create the DL walls, and such. Without that, I will continue to use it to create the images…

UVTT import would be pretty slick

Saw a thread on reddit for a large quantity of VTT-ready maps, complete with dynamic lighting lines. Apparently this person is doing this for all of their maps that they produce on their patreon. I suspect we’ll see a lot more of this in the near future, because it’s so very convenient to be able to pull in a whole map complete with dynamic lighting lines.

I’m not sure if these maps are split into assets or tiles, or if they’re just large images.

this would be very neat, i’ve been considering buying dungeondraft

I have purchased it yesterday and installed today, only played around a little bit. I love how smart it is about painting all the different terrain types, paths, etc… would be very nice if Astral would support native import of the VTT JSON.